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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ghana- from Le Monde Afrique

In Ghana, children's turnstiles produce electricity

Des élèves de l'école d'Oboanwansa, au Ghana, le 28 janvier.

This is a great day to Oboanwansa, but few people know it yet. It is 10 o'clock, and in the school of the hamlet of Ayensuano district, the center of Ghana , a studious atmosphere prevails in the classroom. The property, which has nearly 200 students from the surrounding villages, is in the middle of cassava and coconut plantations. It comes after having followed a bumpy track for about ten kilometers.

"Put the pieces gently on the sand," says two teenagers Isaac Darko-Mensah, Ghana responsible Empower Playgrounds, an American NGO. Assembled like a puzzle, these metal parts, which fit on the platform of a pickup, is a turnstile for children. By turning on itself around a turbine connected to a battery, it instantly generates electricity. In short, a simple idea ... that you had to think .
"The schools selected for this project should count more than a hundred students and be located in a town not connected to the grid, says Isaac Darko-Mensah. It also takes into account the popularity of the authorities for the project and the involvement of the director of the institution. "Technically, we must choose a flat area of the playground, and it is necessary that it is located near a local that will house the battery. Wherever possible, it is also necessary that the ground is covered with sand or grass to cushion the inevitable falls. Only two hours are needed to assemble the system.
To produce electricity, which will be used to load in two five LED lamps 12V solar energy is added to that created by the games students. This morning, it takes a little elbow grease to fix the panel on the roof. The scale is too short and must include him add two bars.
Oboanwansa is the forty-third institution of Ghana to be equipped with a turnstile of this type. The project, launched in 2008, was born from the observation that school children in rural areas were less likely to continue their education after primary school. For lack of electricity in the evening, children who work with their parents in the fields when they are not in school, can not do their homework.

"They play while preparing their future"

The idea of Empower Playgrounds, which is funded by donations (the installation of a turnstile costs about 9000 euros), aims to provide students with lanterns designed by the company Energizer for help to investigate . They can illuminatefor forty hours a table around which are grouped five. "A turnstile was installed in the village of Mamacrom and teachers have told me that the students had made ​​great progress, welcomes Fred Manu , head of Ayensuano district for the Ministry of education. This project is interesting because it allows children to play while preparing their future. "
"It is considered that the energy lamps is produced at 70% through the turnstile, the power can go up to 800 watts, and only 30% by solar," says Isaac Darko-Mensah. The proportion of solar should be further reduced today. First, because at noon, the sky is obscured by the breath of the harmattan. Secondly, because the teachers to celebrate the inauguration of the arena, decided to extendplaytime.
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