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Friday, April 8, 2016

Firefighter Nation Now

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April 8, 2016
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Needles, California Wildfire
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Working with Aircraft
The application and tactical benefits of rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

Drills, Training, and Renting Our Behavior
Do your drills and training really match your fire operations?

Not Everyone Makes It Home
And some get thrown away in the pursuit.
Firefighter/Paramedic Missouri
Firefighter/Paramedic Connecticut
Firefighter/Paramedic Colorado

High-Rise Operations, Training, Tips & News keeps you informed of high-rise firefighting operations, tactics & command, and news of high-rise firefighting around the globe to help you battle your next high-rise fire safely and efficiently. 
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Funding Change in Ferguson Could Cut Fire Department
Town that saw violence and unrest may not be able to afford changes in DOJ settlement. Read More ›
Several Departments Protect Kansas Town from Fire
Illinois Firefighters Practice Water Rescue Techniques
Tennessee Chief, Commission Look to Rebuild Outdated Firehouse
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Escaping WildfireGet Over Yourself
Want your kid to be a firefighter?
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Baltimore Three-Alarm Fire

Fire Photographer’s Drone Helps California Firefighters

Maryland Firefighters Fall into Basement

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Firefighting History & Traditions

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