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Friday, April 8, 2016

Fire Rescue 1

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Mayday: Maine fire capt. falls through floor, rescued
Vacationing firefighter first on scene of fiery helicopter crash
Firefighters cut elderly man's lawn who fell off mower
Thiel to be named new Philly fire commissioner: Adam Thiel has worked in fire and emergency services for more than two decades in four different states
Fire department out of commission after fire truck wreck: Firefighters were heading back from fighting a grass fire when they collided with a truck
Woman gets 9 years for arson fire that burned fire capt.: Julia Beth Ann Harper, 53, admitted her actions caused great bodily injury to Capt. Pete Dern
Chief may lose job after 20 years
Narrow Utah street violates fire code
Patient revived by Narcan attacks NY fire chief
Mo. fire department installing underground water tanks
Colleagues mourning sudden death of volunteer firefighter
Off-duty firefighter rushes to aid injured police officer
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Should we mandate firefighter health, fitness?
By Rick Markley, FR1 Editor-in-Chief
Deciding how much of a firefighter's health should be personal responsibility and how much should be mandated is a tricky proposition.
Life choices 
Test your knowledge of mayday-RIT training
By FR1 Staff
Mayday training is imperative for crews to understand what trapped firefighters must do to increase their chances of survival.
How did you do? 
ImageTrend Elite™ Favorite Features
A few favorite features of ImageTrend Elite are highlighted in this video. We'll show you how Elite makes it easier to capture ePCR data in the field.
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Firefighters and cigarettes: What the numbers say
By By Sara Jahnke, FR1 Columnist
Peer pressure and policy have drastically altered firefighters' smoking habits more dramatically that what's seen in the general population.
Getting it right 
Kinked fire hose: Why it's deadly and how to avoid it
By Mark van der Feyst, FR1 Columnist
Pinching the supply line can spell serious trouble for an interior attack crew; here are ways to keep those lines kink-free.
Train and exercise 
Inspect the drag rescue device
For the DRD to work properly, it needs to be set correctly by the manufacturer and or the third-party cleaning company.
Firefighter safety 
Toddler rescued from well in China
Firefighting in the 1970s
Introducing the Oregon Spine Splint II
The Oregon Spine Splint (OSS) is the only vest type immobilizer on the market that meets all established criteria for seated patient immobilization while allowing total access to the anterior torso for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment.
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Don't Let Your Toothbrush Catch on Fire!
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3,700Texas fire dept. hires first female firefighter in 135-year history
1,300Firefighter waiting for double lung transplant
834A look back: Firefighting on TV
527Firefighter facing discipline for wife's breastfeeding photo
513Is 20 too young to be a fire chief?
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