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Thursday, April 14, 2016

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April 13, 2016|View as webpage
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Thiel named Philly fire commissioner
FD medic accused of stealing patient's debit card, charging $11K
Firefighter recalls aiding officer in hit-and-run crash
Fla. bill increases LODD benefits for fire, police, EMS: It will give 100 percent of the monthly salary earned by deceased first responders to spouses for their lifetime
Pa. fire department disbanded following council vote: Fire officials said the city contract will be more expensive than services provided by volunteers
Firefighters' cancer death benefits bill becomes law: The new law will provide $80,000 to families of both professional and volunteer firefighters
Union: 'Somebody could possible die' after firefighter layoffs
Jury: Firefighter fraudulently collected disability pension
FF replaces another's stolen gear
Chief: Arson fires a 'senseless act'
REV Group acquires fire truck manufacturer KME
Mass. city's first female firefighter, 62, works last shift
The Sidewinder ReLoader by Firequip
Our new walk-behind hose rolling system moves effortlessly forward toward a stretched out hose, automatically coiling and draining as it goes. The best designed fire hose handling equipment technology available.
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How fire chiefs can avoid abusing power
By John Buckman III, FR1 Columnist
Abuse of power derails a department reaching its goals, and good communication skills are key to productive use of power.
Do not ridicule 
Smoke alarm tech breakthrough is near
By Robert Rielage, FR1 Columnist
New technology could improve civilian safety as much as the first battery-operated smoke alarms did 40 years ago.
Military grade 
Paratech TVS - TwistLock Vehicle Stabilizer
The 'ALL IN ONE' Vehicle Stabilizer! Stronger, Faster, Safer! No Assembly Required! 
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How to build fire-based community health care programs
By Sarah Calams, FR1 Associate Editor
The survival of fire-based EMS may rest upon delivering services before 911 is called; it's a tough proposition, but a doable one.
How it works 
5 best and worst states for landing a career firefighting job
By Megan Wells, FR1 Contributor
Looking for a career in fire? May the odds be ever in your favor.
Too expensive 
The assessment L
This tactic positions two responders in an 'L' shape to better assess the patient's demeanor and more easily escape if the patient becomes violent.
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Civilians stretch supply lines at Pa. warehouse fire
Cancer prevention in the Boston Fire Department
3,451Texas firefighter beats leukemia, back on job
2,261Should we mandate firefighter health, fitness?
833Ind. firefighter injured in Jan. crash is now walking
595Colleagues mourning sudden death of volunteer firefighter
4752 firefighters burned in NY house fire
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