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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


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FF shot responding to call improving
Police searching for missing Va. FF-paramedic
FDNY's 'Calendar of Heroes' features EMTs, paramedics
Patient killed, 2 EMS providers hurt in ambulance rollover: An EMT suffered serious injuries and another was treated and released with minor injuries
Man killed jumping out of ambulance, running on highway: The man became agitated, removed his restraints and ran across five lanes of traffic
Rise in drug overdoses prompts push to hire more paramedics: Fla. officials said fire and EMS departments have been going on 10 to 12 overdose calls a day
Va. county fire and EMS director defrauded bank, department
Medical helicopter makes hard landing; no injuries
Man revived with Narcan, grabs EMT's testicles
Children text 911 to report dad driving drunk
Man arrested after SUV, ambulance collide
EMT follows country music dream
Replace your Backboards with a WauK® Board
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More fire and EMS departments worldwide choose the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System to protect their employees from harmful fire engine and ambulance diesel exhaust.
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Resident shoots at responders, killing a paramedic and injuring a FF
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
LODD of firefighter-paramedic John Ulmschneider is a tragic reminder of the potential for violence on every EMS incident.
'There are no routine calls' 
How to build fire-based community health care programs
By Sarah Calams, EMS1 Associate Editor
The survival of fire-based EMS may rest upon delivering services before 911 is called; it's a tough proposition, but a doable one.
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Fire and EMS readiness: What it means and why it matters
By Sarah Calams, EMS1 Associate Editor
Fire Chief Gary Ludwig will discuss the critical role fire departments play in the fast-changing health care system at Fire-Rescue Med conference in May.
Performance measures 
Sepsis 3.0: Implications for paramedics and prehospital care
By Rom Duckworth, EMS1 Columnist
Understand the origins of sepsis criteria and what the new sepsis definitions mean for EMS assessment and treatment of septic patients.
Make a difference 
EMS night shift problems
A comic for EMS drawing off the real experiences of EMS.
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Best care for a patient after multiple lift-assist calls
Why are peanut allergies so dangerous?
369Wis. firefighters, medics to begin wearing body armor
289Dispatcher talks teen through CPR after father's cardiac arrest
280Boston bombing EMT to run in marathon
163911 dispatchers: Thanks to everyday heroes
162Ambulance company helps out with 'Prom-posal'
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