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Thursday, April 7, 2016

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April 6, 2016|View as webpage
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Medic's wife suffers heart attack, house catches fire days later
5 killed in Tenn. tourist helicopter crash
Watch: Tenn. EMS department featured in music video
2 ambulance companies fail to meet requirements, banned: They had their permits temporarily suspended after failing to meet requirements set by the city
Report holds up PTSD bill benefiting first responders: A senator who voted against the bill attached a minority report, slowing it from being taken up for debate
Former EMS captain sues for wrongful termination: Lisa Grande was the first woman promoted to an officer rank in her department; she was terminated eight months later
Patient revived by Narcan attacks medic
FD to use SUVs for medical calls
SC military base holds mass casualty simulation
Personal activity tracker used to identify heart arrhythmia
Fire chief performs CPR after man collapses at meeting
Detroit pilot program lets teens shadow EMTs, receive training
Introducing the Oregon Spine Splint II
The Oregon Spine Splint (OSS) is the only vest type immobilizer on the market that meets all established criteria for seated patient immobilization while allowing total access to the anterior torso for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment.
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More Ergonomic Intubation with the C-MAC® Pocket Monitor
KARL STORZ offers the portable C-MAC® Pocket Monitor which has virtually no learning curve due to its use of standard Macintosh and Miller blades for adults through neonates.
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LODD benefits need include all EMS providers
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Is it occupational discrimination to exclude private EMS providers from LODD benefits?
Is it justified? 
Poor EMS documentation reflects cultural tolerance
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
True loyalty is pushing for improvement, rather than accepting substandard patient care from your peers and co-workers.
Think about the disconnect 
The Importance of Wearing Proper Protective Eyewear and Facial Protection as a First Responder
Learn the steps to take to protect your face and eyes from splashes and sprays when on the job.
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EMS scheduling software: 9 must-have features
By Dave Konig, EMS1 Columnist
Maximize efficiency gains from an online scheduling application by making sure software has these capabilities.
Shift trading 
What the OIG is looking for in EMS documentation
By Kevin Fairlie, EMS1 Contributor
Expect more oversight of EMS billing through post-payment audits and increased investigations, prosecution.
Increased audits 
Why it's difficult for EMS leaders to delegate
EMS1 co-founder and paramedic Kris Kaull discusses the importance of delegation and two common barriers.
Watch the video 
How a Texas FD uses telemedicine
How to identify and treat TCA toxicity
911 Call Taking: The Right Information, at the Right Time, to the Right Responder
This will happen for every emergency call with our comprehensive, integrated solutions for police, fire, and medical emergency call taking.
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638Ky. bill giving death benefits to EMS providers signed
578The Star of Life: a shining symbol of what it means to be in EMS
570Texas flight paramedic killed in 3-vehicle car crash
318Ketamine for Excited Delirium Syndrome: Results of a 3-year case series
303Prove It: Are continuous chest compressions more effective?
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