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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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April 20, 2016|View as webpage
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Ambulance struck en route to crash
Department makes '911 call' to find missing FF-paramedic
Photo of EMT mowing patient's lawn goes viral
Charges unclear for man that shot FF-medic: Investigators need to assess what's reasonable given what his belief was about whether danger existed or not
EMS agency to make house calls to overdose patients: The follow-up visits will be made to put Narcan into the hands of caregivers and addicts
Fla. paramedic run over after helping stabbing victim: Caroline Dorton, who has been with the Orange City Fire Department since 2009, is in the hospital in serious but stable condition
EMS agency cracks down on flaky employees
Police: Patient assaulted by EMT in ambulance
Medic soldiers learn to use ultrasound designed for battlefield
Wife blames husband's death on city's EMS services cut
Scientists develop first 'pharmacological' tourniquet
EMS agency adopts lost puppy
Durable Technology for Dire Situations
Panasonic's ToughBooks and ToughPads are trusted for their durability, dependability and security in critical situations. The CF-19, CF-31 and FZ-G1 are the top choice of rugged tech for EMS.
Order ToughBooks for EMS Today
Who wins when paramedics fight BLS use of an ALS intervention?
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Naloxone administration by BLS providers and laypersons is the latest intervention to transition from paramedics to firefighters and bystanders.
Blurred lines 
Rescue task forces and the scene safety dilemma
By Steve Whitehead, EMS1 Columnist
It's time that we all get real and accept the uncomfortable truth that scene safety is and always has been a myth.
Dangers of EMS 
Praetorian Digital Launches EMS1 Academy to Expand Online Training Efforts Across Public Safety Supports the NFFF
More Product News
Toughbook 19 MK5: 8GB RAM, & Emissive Backlit Keyboard Special package deal: $1,795 while supplies last from Telrepco!
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How to make EMS quality assurance and improvement people-oriented
By Drew Rinella, EMS1 Contributor
The goal of EMS quality improvement should be the efficient correction of inappropriate practices and behaviors.
Lessons learned 
How medical device failures cause patient injuries
By Center for Patient Safety, EMS1 Columnist
Improperly used or maintained patient care and devices can cause harm to patients and providers.
Stretcher drops and tips 
Ultrasound use by paramedics
Steve Whitehead discusses the use of ultrasound for detecting cardiac activity and obtaining vascular access.
Watch the video 
3 techniques for percutaneous translaryngeal ventilation
How to calculate heart rate with 6-second ECG strip
443Rapid Response: Resident shoots at responders, killing a paramedic and injuring a firefighter
263Man revived with Narcan, grabs EMT's testicles
2005 triage lessons learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing
1895 things to know about capnography in cardiac arrest
174Another 15 awesome EMS tattoos
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