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Monday, April 11, 2016

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Paramedic treats suspect who shot at her cop husband
EMTs take over hazmat duties from FDNY paramedics
Cleveland EMS swears in first female EMS commissioner
Patient dies after Ga. ambulance crash: The heart patient went into cardiac arrest and died; officials said the patient didn't die as a result of the crash
Urban ATV riders show off confrontations with paramedics and cops on social networks: Police chief says videoing traffic disruptions is 'fun' for riders and social media is partly to blame for increase in urban dirt bike riding
Paramedics and EMTs celebrated as unsung heroes: The American Ambulance Association recognizes 103 EMS providers from 29 states as 'Stars of Life'
Solutions sought for ND EMS volunteer shortage
Milwaukee hospitals end ambulance diversion policy
Firefighters cut elderly man's lawn after he fell off mower
Ambulance thief sentenced to 16 years for fatal crash
EMT honored for saving unconscious woman
5 killed, including 2 toddlers, in head-on Calif. crash
ACS: What EMS providers need to know
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
Paramedic 12-Lead ECG acquisition and interpretation drives decisions for pharmacological interventions and patient transport to PCI-capable centers.
What is ACS? 
Making friends with the ghosts
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Realizing that no matter how skilled my hands or knowledgeable my head, what matters most to my patients is my heart.
Developing emotional resilience 
Blauer Seeks Product Testers for Elite "Lead Weartester" Program
Phoenix Fire Department Orders Demers MXP 150 Ambulances
More Product News
Sting-Ease (Medicaine) Swabs for Summer Only $2.99 from V.E. Ralph!
More Featured Deals
Closing the loop on patient care
By Mike Rubin, EMS1 Columnist
Using hospital outcomes to evaluate field performance.
Field-level facts and figures 
Pediatric anaphylaxis: How capnography can help
By Bob Sullivan, EMS1 Columnist
Waveform capnography can be used to detect respiratory and circulatory compromise from anaphylaxis in children and to guide treatment.
Ambulance history with Capt. Salty
Modern day ambulances are even larger.
Read the comic 
Drones and medical helicopter safety
12-lead ECG interpretation tips
1,054Joining EMS? Here's what you're really getting into...
676Off-duty paramedic rushes to aid injured police officer
592Paramedic physician: Is there such a thing?
5203 essentials to cure hangry medic syndrome
518Patient revived by Narcan attacks NY paramedic
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