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"Hey mom!" He yelled from the attic door,
"What's these old heavy boots and hard hat for?"
With a lump in her throat and a tear stained cheek
His mother swallowed and started to speak.
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Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams My father is a fire fighter. He has been before I was born...knowing when I was young that in one day I would never be able to see my dad again was so frightening and it just tears me apart thinking about it. It's not an easy job and the stress on the ...See More
Rick Ings
Rick Ings My father was a firefighter who started in 1946 at Old Engine 30 in Artesia Ca. All these men were my heroes and a true Band of Brothers.
Incredible footage from the FDNY - Brooklyn...
This one looks hot and dangerous!
Stay Safe Brothers and Sisters out on the line
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FOX 29
Video of these firefighters surrounded by the flames of a 6-alarm fire in Brooklyn will really make you appreciate everything they do. Thank you to the men and woman of our fire departments for your courage and service.
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JW Wineland
JW Wineland I see it is a short clip. But what are they doing up there?
Brotherhood of Fire From what I could tell they were putting out a huge fire in Brooklyn wink emoticon
Danielle Martino
Danielle Martino Thank you to all the firefighters who put their lives on the front lines everyday for strangers!
For those who were asking or waiting, the right sleeve or "reverse" version of the Original 9-11 Patch is now available in singles here:
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Sandra Tobias Miller
Sandra Tobias Miller Forever in my heart and soul.
B Allen Thomas
B Allen Thomas Outstanding
*** Happy Update ***
Exactly one year ago today the Dern family, the Fresno Fire Department, the whole world seemed to stop and flip upside down.
On March 29th of 2015, Captain Pete Dern of the Fresno Fire Department fell through the roof of a burning garage being used as a residence. 
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Brotherhood of Fire Today, the City of Fresno recognized, honored and awarded the firefighters responsible for successfully rescuing Captain Pete Dern.

Well done Brothers and Sister FFD Firefighters ...See More
Dave Bauer Jr.
Dave Bauer Jr. A year already ????
Wow ..... Awesome job brothers & sisters !!! ...See More
Josh DeHart
Josh DeHart Congratulations brother! Does he plan on returning to the job?
Brotherhood of Fire Not sure... still rehab
"When fire is cried and danger is neigh, ‘God and the firemen’ is the people’s cry;
But when 'tis out and all things righted, God is forgotten and the firemen slighted."
The Fireman's Journal, 18 Oct 1879 
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Rose Valenti Branda
Rose Valenti Branda Firemen run into Hell and the unknown. WHILE others run away.May they all be blessed and protected with Angles Wings.☆☆☆☆
John Anthony
John Anthony Ain't that the bloody truth???
The late Paul Harvey doing his best to describe why firemen are firemen... sometimes they can't even tell you...
A Tribute to Firefighters "Fireman" by Paul Harvey (Original "Fire and Ice" ) done in the style of the…
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Brotherhood of Fire Apology in advance to any Sister Firefighter feeling slighted by this video... it was created long before women were thought suitable of being firefighters... proud to know they've smashed that incorrect assumption.
Janette M Anderson
Janette M Anderson Watched this with respect and pride, and never felt slighted in the least. All women in this field know the history and know the job . . . . And know the term "firefighter" applies to all of us, whether it's portrayed in the pics or not.
Michel Wickert
Michel Wickert "nobody knows why Fireman are Fireman, not even they can tell you why" true.