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Friday, April 15, 2016

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Russian intelligence distort meeting leaks
Austrian Minister of Defense Hans Peter Doskozil (2-L), Police Director Josef Klamminger (3-L) and Chief of Defence Staff and General Othmar Commenda (1-L). Photo: EPA/MARIJA KANIZAJ
A high level meeting between Austria and Russia was secretly recorded by Russian spies, according to a report in the Kurier newspaper. 
Police charge man who failed to help drowning girl
Johanna P. drowned after a drunken skinny dip last summer. Photo: Central European News
The friend of a teenage girl who died last year when she jumped naked into a lake for a midnight swim is being charged by police for covering up the incident. 
Deadly disease alarm in Salzburg refugee home
Franz Fuchs/Wikipedia
Health officials in Salzburg are on the alert after an asylum seeker staying in a luxury hotel converted into an refugee home was found to be suffering from a deadly disease spread by lice. 
Austria's policy 'improving business for smugglers'
Austrian officials checking for smuggled refugees in 2015. EPA/PETER NYIKOS 
As Austria prepares to build fences to the east, smuggling appears to be on the rise again, sparking fears of a repeat of the tragic death of 71 refugees last year. 
Are Austrian teenagers the most boring in the world?
Not the average Austrian teenage party. Photo:Winnie Liu/Creative Commons
Young Austrians prefer tap water to alcohol, like to get up early, and don't mind helping round the house, according to recent research. 
Identitarians storm stage in Vienna during refugee play
Right-wing extremists stormed a stage in Vienna last night where asylum seekers were performing a play, in what was the second protest from the anti-Muslim group in two weeks. 
Terror warning over UEFA matches in France
Police officers attend an exercise simulating a chemical terrorist attack in view of the UEFA EURO 2016 soccer championship, 14 April 2016. Photo: EPA/GUILLAUME HORCAJUELO
Austria's foreign ministry said on Thursday that it has advised people going to France for the European football championships in June and July to register beforehand in case of terror attacks. 
    Chinese continue to appropriate Austrian culture
    The one and only original, not the copy. Photo: Nick Csakany/Wikimedia/Public Domain
    Chinese copycats who reproduced a picture-postcard Austrian town are now planning on copying two other Austrian cities, and combining them into one. 
    Asylum seekers evicted after sex arrest
    The town of Hollabrunn where the alleged attacker was living. Photo: Herwig Reidlinger/Wikimedia CC
    An Austrian mayor has evicted asylum seekers from student accommodation after a refugee was arrested for reportedly raping a 13-year-old girl whom he met online. 
    Opinion – Brexit
    5 practical things Brits abroad can do to keep UK in the EU
    Photos: Laura Shields and AFP
    If you're a pro-EU Brit living abroad, there's plenty you can do to keen Britain 'in', explains Laura Shields from the Brits Abroad: Yes to Europe initiative. 
      Integrate refugees with help, not pity
      Participants attend a German language course of the 'Fluechtlingsprojekt Ute Bock' (Refugees project Ute Bock) in Vienna. Photo: EPA/CHRISTIAN BRUNA
      In the Austrian village of Gutau, inhabitants have set up a microcredit system to help refugees rent houses and start businesses. 
      Photo Gallery
      A visit to the Schloss Hof Easter Market
      Photo: Jerry Barton
      Amateur shutterbug Jerry Barton visited one of Austria's traditional Easter markets at Schloss Hof. 
      Strong men in the 19th century Prater
      Photo: Wien Museum
      A new exhibition at Wien Museum is showcasing photos from Vienna's famous Prater fairground since 1766. 
      Ginger Churchill heads to hell in Nazi mural
      Would you believe that Winston Churchill makes an appearance on a church mural done by a Nazi artist in Austria, heading to hell with a sack of gold? 
      The film project about what makes us human
      Photo: Linda Coussement
      Linda Coussement is a woman on a mission to film people’s personal stories as she slowly travels the globe - with the aim of spreading a message of empathy and connectedness. After spending a month in Vienna she is now en route to Budapest. She spoke to The Local about her project.  
      More news
      Arnie fans organise private party with star in Austria
      Arnold Schwarzenegger fans have managed to raise enough money through crowdfunding to pay for the action star to return to Austria for a private party. 
      Plans underway for second refugee protest
      Organisers expect more people to turn up at a second demonstration against Austria’s migrant policy due to take place at the border between Italy and Austria. 
      'Italy must stop refugee flow or we’ll shut Brenner pass'
      People demonstrate against the Austrian government's planned reintroduction of border controls at the Brennerpass, Austria, 03 April 2016. Photo: EPA/JAN HETFLEISCH
      Austria has threatened to completely close the Brenner pass, one of the main links across the Alps, unless Italy stops the flow of refugees to its northern neighbour. 
      'Standard' drink in Austria is a drinking problem abroad
      When it comes to deciding what is a reasonable size for an alcoholic drink, Austria sets the bar high apparently. 
      4600 Austrian jobs 'at risk' from TTIP deal
      Greenpeace Austria
      As many as 4600 jobs could be lost in Austria as a result of the proposed TTIP trade, according to opponents to the deal. 
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      Revealed: the richest regions in Switzerland
      Relaxing on Lake Hallwil in the cash-rich canton of Schwyz. Photo: Swiss Tourism
      New figures show where the wealthiest inhabitants of Switzerland make their home. 
      New 'see-through’ five-Euro coin unveiled in Munich
      Photo: DPA
      A brand-new five-Euro coin, which has a blue plastic ring in the middle, will make life harder for counterfeiters, the Bavarian finance ministry claims. 
      The Local List
      7 things to know about Denmark's ties to Mexico
      Queen Margrethe greeted Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto upon his arrival in Denmark. Photo: Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen/Scanpix
      As Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto visits Copenhagen, we look at the countries' connections. 
      Hate crime against Muslims rises tenfold in Spain
      Photo posted by far-right group Hogar Social Madrid.
      Extremist groups are channeling hate towards Muslims in the aftermath of jihadist attacks in Europe.