Ilford’s Blue watch were joined by staff from Paediatric A&E at King Georges Hospital on a Christmas shopping trip to Toys R Us.
Using £500 raised from charity events and collections throughout the year, the watch filled three trolleys with toys that will act as a distraction whilst the children are waiting to be seen by hospital staff and delivered them to the hospital on Christmas day.
Firefighter Ally Warnock who helped organise the festive shopping trip said: “Ilford Blue Watch have a long history of fundraising and I would like to thank the people of Ilford for their generous donations. I would also like to thank O Grady’s Bar, Visage at Gants Hill, O’ Neil’s Bar and The Eva Hart for their support and collections made.”
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Kay Pilkington
Kay Pilkington Well done LFB, Ilford Blue Watch and King George's Hospital. What a lovely way to spend Christmas.
Sally Ann Cooper
Sally Ann Cooper With all the rubbish going on in brigade control and the stress and when I think I've just about had enough of it all and I see things like this and you restore my faith and make me proud to be working for the brigade again despite the stresses xxxx
We’re urging Londoners not to lose their keys following parties and celebrations over the festive season as new figures show firefighters are called out 16 times a day to people locked in or locked out of their homes so far this year. So don't lose your keys and only call us in an emergency…/LatestNewsReleases_firefigh…
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Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Brown What an earth? I got myself locked out once before (baby brain) my initial reaction was call a locksmith until I remembered my dad had a spare set at his house for cases like that! Never would it have crossed my mind to call the fire service!
Marged Cother
Marged Cother And call a locksmith, not the fire service if you do!
This is exactly why we've warned about hoverboards. Don't let this happen to you or your family…/LatestNewsReleases_AvoidChr…
Devin Blanco
If this post can stop anyone's house from burning down then it was worth it so that's why im keeping it up. our hoverboard caught on fire while being ridden (no...
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Alan Wallis
Alan Wallis Even after a government and fire brigade warnings people still bought them. The only people I feel sorry for are the fire men/women that have to risk their lives rescuing people from and put out the fires these things cause.
Andrew Graham Hewitt
Andrew Graham Hewitt I would be tempted by such gadgetry if it actually WAS a hoverboard that ACTUALLY hovered! - This is just a stupid gimmick, and waste of money, for the lazy and ignorant...

Buyers and users look even more stupid, now that they have been proven to be dangerous!
The Massey Shaw, firefighters from Dowgate fire station and LFB Fire Cadets will be joining the Fire Service Preservation Group and other organisations to mark the 75th Anniversary of the biggest “Blitz” raid on the capital – The Second Great Fire of London.
To mark the anniversary a number of WWII fire appliance will be on display to the public outside St Paul’s Cathedral from 10.30am on 29th December, in honour of the moment Winston Churchill gave the directive to the Londo...
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Gemma Marie Bloxham
Gemma Marie Bloxham * The main procession will be heading from Dowgate fire station around 1800 to arrive at the ff memorial just before 1900 for a short service!! All welcome.
Allan Fleming
Allan Fleming Well said John let's get all those appliances out of moth ball and back in stations protecting london were they should be instead of sitting in a yard gathering dust
Enjoyed a few too many snowballs? Don’t cook drunk! Put your leftover Christmas dinner to good use instead and have a sandwich! There have been more than 300 accidental alcohol related fires across the capital this year. 
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Hollie Buss
Hollie Buss No getting drunk for me this year working Christmas day hahaha
Simon Wolohan
Simon Wolohan Paul Paul Desmond- you know you would have this as part of your sandwich game.
A seven-year-old girl has given Tottenham firefighters a Christmas hamper after saving her pocket money.
Kyra and her mum visited the fire station for the second year running to deliver the amazing present. She came up with the idea all on her own and funds the contents of the hamper using her pocket money. 
The police and ambulance services also received a hamper from big hearted Kyra who says she does it so the emergency services are remembered for working on Christmas Day....
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Lee Addington
Lee Addington When she was asked what she wanted for Christmas, her reply was a nice dictionary. She is an amazing young little girl. We took her a card and all chipped in for a voucher so she can get one and more.
Jackie Lemar
Jackie Lemar A 7 year old girl doing such a kind thing for emergency services - politicians take note and hang your heads in shame !!
It's a Christmas miracle! Firefighters saved Christmas in more ways than one for a family in Edmonton, after their oven caught fire whilst their turkey was cooking this afternoon.
On learning the occupants had nowhere else they could finish cooking their Christmas dinner, the crew took their turkey back to Edmonton fire station and popped it into to the oven with their own. 
The family were able to pop down to the station a few hours later, collect their cooked bird and enjoy...
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Jackie White
Jackie White A great story. On our first Christmas morning 1977 together we were woken up by the fire brigade banging our front door trying to wake us up,luckily they did as we were drowsy from smoke. We were in a terraced house and smoke had gone through floorboar...See More
James Nelson
James Nelson what a lovely story, well done to the fire brigade for helping a this special time, and saving the day too.. great to know everybody is ok, thanks to the bys/girls within the fire service.. bless you all who serve to protect and keep us all safe from any harm..
Merry Christmas from everyone at London Fire Brigade. As you tuck into your Christmas dinner, please spare a thought for our firefighters, control officers and other Brigade staff who are working today.
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John Morris
John Morris To all on Duty this Christmas Firefighters, Control Room, Police, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors have as Merry a Christmas as you can. In my 25 years in the West Midlands Fire Service I was on duty many times at Christmas we the Best of it, Christmas just got delayed until we were off duty. Have Merry Christmas all.
Andreas Meißner
Andreas Meißner Merry Christmas from County Fire Service Helmstedt to all firefighters in London
Hillingdon red watch recently visited Shooting Star Chase children’s hospice where they made a special appearance in their annual Christmas video.
The Great Christmas Rescue stars children, families and the charity’s staff, the hospice becomes buried in snow and firefighters from come to the rescue. 
Keep an eye out for the crews arrival at around 8mins 30secs. You can watch The Great Christmas Rescue here:
Dates have been announced for our public consultation meetings next year. Please come along and have your say on how we could save £6.4 million. The meetings will be held at:
MONDAY 11 JANUARY 2016 from 7pm
Conference Hall
Brent Civic Centre...
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