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Monday, December 28, 2015


ArcaBoard: The first real hoverboard?
For decades now we've been teased with hoverboard concepts, but now aerospace company Arca is taking orders for what it claims is the real deal. The ArcaBoard appears to be the closest thing to the technology from Back to the Future: Part II that we've seen so far.  read more
Gizmag puts the "fighter jet-inspired" 2016 Nissan Maxima to the test
​The 2016 Maxima proves that Nissan did go all out in the redesign of this previously staid, forgettable sedan. With the 2016 model year, the car has been completely revamped with only the engine carrying forward. And even that got a few tweaks.​  read more
Zaha Hadid proposes stacked skyscraper for Melbourne
Zaha Hadid Architects has proposed its third new Australian skyscraper. If it gets the green light, the mixed-use tower will rise 54 floors in Melbourne, Victoria, and include luxury apartments, office and retail spaces.  read more
Boncho bike poncho puts brakes on the rain
Waterproofs and ponchos might keep you dry when you're out for a walk, but they don't really cut it when you're on a bike. Your arms and legs are left exposed and it can make for a cold, wet and miserable ride. The Boncho waterproof, however, acts like a pop-up tent to keep cyclists dry.  read more
Hands-off with Tesla's Autopilot system
In the world of autonomous driving, no manufacturer has pushed its road-legal technology further than Tesla. Under the right conditions, Autopilot will accelerate, brake and steer for the driver, provided you've got your hands on the wheel. Gizmag hit the road in a Model S P90D to test the system.  read more
Researchers develop fermentation process to produce biofuels from waste biomass
Imagine a world where vehicles run on beer. Some might think of this as a devastating waste of good hops, but a(UMD team sees a lot of promise for the idea. The team has been awarded a patent for a process that in short, brews gasoline naturally.  read more
The 25 best Android apps and games of 2015
Another year has gone by, and these are the most impressive apps we've seen released on Android over the last 12 months. From high-octane gaming and on-the-go productivity to sedate puzzlers and music streaming, our collection of the year's best Android apps and games has something for everyone.  read more
The 25 best iOS apps and games of 2015
There are around 1.5 million apps available for iOS, and picking out the gems isn't always easy. To save you the time and effort of searching, we put our heads together to bring you the very best apps and games released this year: whatever your tastes, you should find plenty of useful apps here.  read more
SmartFin gathers ocean data while users surf
​When it comes to assessing the health of the oceans, scientists already utilize tools that monitor the deep waters. What they're lacking, however, is information on the waters close to shore. That's why SmartFin was created. It will allow surfers to gather oceanographic data.​  read more
Drone School 4: Orientation and precision exercises
In Drone School 4 we practice hovering in different orientations, work on bank turns and figure 8s around markers, have a crack at nose-in landing and look at some creative ideas for those with small, light quads you can fly inside.  read more
Mercedes-Benz publishes lifecycle analysis of the GLE 500 e Plug-in
The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle Mercedes-Benz introduced earlier this year has undergone a lifecycle analysis of energy consumption starting from manufacture through to daily use.  read more