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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Standout science and technology in 2015
Before the Gregorian calendar keels over into 2016, let's take a wander through some of the year's most significant, salutary and attention grabbing examples of scientific achievement, technological innovation and human endeavor. ​  read more
Capsules made from seaweed could replace insulin injections
Pancreatic islet transplantion can help type 1 diabetes patients produce insulin and avoid daily shots. Preserving the cells for the procedure is a challenge, but a team led by Japanese researchers has developed a promising cryopreservation method.  read more
Samsung pulls three devices out of experimental research lab for CES
With a weight-managing belt, a VR controller and an ambitiously discrete audio device on show at CES, Samsung will be looking to gauge the potential for some of its more promising, yet experimental ideas for near-future technologies. ​  read more
Chasing comets, Pluto fly-by and Falcon landing: A year in space, 2015
From commercial space to space lettuce, 2015 was a bumper year for exploring the Solar System and beyond. To get the low down on the high ground, Gizmag looks back on the highlights of space exploration and technology over the past twelve months.  read more
Vanderhall treads a unique path to weekend fun with three-wheel Laguna
Until now, the Morgan Three Wheeler was the leading option for wealthy petrolheads willing to trade out-and-out laptimes for left-field fun, but Vanderhall has decided to encroach on the old British manufacturer's turf with its new Laguna.  read more
LG looks to centralize communications between home appliances with SmartThinQ Hub
LG is a big believer in the connected home, and at CES next week it will showcase a new device targeted at those of a similar faith. Its SmartThinQ Hub is designed as a communication center for a home's smart appliances, while serving as a speaker and notification system at the same time. ​  read more
Ocean Cleanup project to test its first trash-catching barriers in Dutch waters
The Ocean Cleanup project believes it is up to the daunting challenge of scooping up plastic waste from the ocean, and has today announced plans for the first real-world test of its rubbish collection barriers off the coast of The Netherlands. ​​  read more
AirBar brings touch control to existing PCs
Having a touchscreen on your PC could certainly be handy at times, and that's where Neonode's AirBar comes in. It's a slim module that magnetically attaches below the screen of an existing PC, instantly providing it with touch functionality.  read more
Liquid crystal elastomers used to create "rubber lasers"
We generally picture lasers as being encased within hard housings, much like most other electronics. Thanks to new research, however, we could soon see sensors or other devices that incorporate stretchable laser-emitting rubber.   read more
Digital sundial blends 3D-printing tech with ancient ingenuity
You could certainly be forgiven for thinking that the term "digital sundial" is simply an oxymoron. That hasn't stopped Thingiverse member Mojoptix from building one, however. It contains no electronics, yet it still shows the time in a changing numerical display.  read more
Top tune creation innovations of 2015
Choosing a handful of tasty tone-tastic highlights from the last 12 months has been tough, really tough. But after much ruminating, we've managed to stealthily avoid picking from a hat and have come up with a select bunch of monstrous melody-making favorites.  read more
As Oculus announces a second bundled game, some speculation on the Rift's price
We may hear official pricing and pre-order info for the big VR headsets next week at CES. In the meantime, we sort through some clues (including two AAA-quality games that will be bundled with it) to try to predict pricing.  read more
Clip-on device gives unplugged electric guitar a sound boost
Noodling away on an unplugged electric guitar is a great way to practice chops any time, day or night. But the raw sound can lack body and volume. DelSonix says that its clip-on guitar speaker can give a solid body electric a 10 dB sonic boost, which can be directed straight at the player.   read more
Pogoplug Pro Offers Unlimited Remote Access to Your Computer — 62% off Lifetime Subscriptions
Leave your computer at home without any inhibitions: Pogoplug will enable you to access them remotely. Simply install Pogoplug onto your computer, and the program will find and ingest your files. Using the Pogoplug app, you’ll be able to then access photos, music, video, and any documents in your Desktop and Documents folder straight from your mobile device. read more