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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Honda begins deliveries of HondaJet, its first light jet
Honda is officially shipping jets for the first time. The ceremonial first delivery of the HondaJet executive light jet was recently made at the world headquarters of Honda Aircraft Company in Greensboro, North Carolina.  read more
Review: Does the CleverLoop security system keep you in the loop?
Yet another entry into the ever-expanding home security system field is the CleverLoop, which comes in a variety of configurations and is aimed at renters and small businesses. We recently got hold of one and put it through its paces.  read more
Review: Ditching keys and combinations with the Noke Bluetooth padlock
The Noke padlock has recently started shipping to backers, and although it may not be the first available to consumers, it's possibly the smartest and most secure smartlock on the market. We spent some time with the Noke to lock down its strengths and weaknesses.  read more
SHoP plans 50 new schools for earthquake-struck Nepal 
The struggle to rebuild Nepal's infrastructure since the devastating earthquake that struck in April has inspired some architects to try and help. New York City's SHoP Architects recently made a commitment to build 50 schools for the ailing country.  read more
Magnesium and silicon carbide recipe results in lightweight metal with record strength
Scientists are reporting to have overcome some of the main limitations of magnesium as metal for engineering infusing it with nanoparticles to form a new type of super-strong composite material, which could lead to lighter and more efficient airplanes, spacecraft and cars. ​  read more
NASA's Mars 2030 virtual reality software to put users on the surface of the Red Planet
Mission simulation has historically played a big part in space exploration. Now NASA is looking to afford owners of popular VR headsets a similarly immersive experience with Mars 2030, a virtual reality experience aimed at giving users a feel for life on the Red Planet. read more
Winter NAMM debut for 660 Guitars and the Patriot
Texas-based startup 660 Guitars hit Kickstarter in November to help fund the production of a new line of aluminum-bodied guitars. Though the crowdfunding effort was not successful, the company is forging ahead with a company and first product premiere at California's Winter NAMM show in January.  read more
iSafe Drive Lite Offers 32GB of Plug-In Storage for Your iPhone — 24% off
iSafe Drive Lite is the first MFI-certified, ultra-high-speed drive to safely store 32GB of data and employ the same encryption used by the US federal government. It’s the fastest and easiest way to transfer between your computer (Mac or PC) and your iOS devices. Since it’s a two-way transfer device, you can swap out music and contacts between your phone and desktop. Better yet, you can stream movies and songs directly from the drive without eating up data. Making this gadget a road trip dream come true.  read more