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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gizmodo Australia

Gizmodo Australia Podcast Episode 6: Best Games, Gadgets And Movies Of 2015 

Episode 6: best and worst! The games, gadgets, movies and science stories that most caught our attention in 2015. We also chat with renowned theoretical physicist and string theorist, professor Brian Greene. 
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33 Questions We Desperately Want Answered After Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

It’s been a few days since we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and our minds are still reeling. This movie added so much to the Star Wars universe, and opened up so many new mysteries. Here are the questions that are driving us the most crazy after seeing Episode VII.

Five Android Tablet Tricks For Your Lounge Room 

Tablets are designed to be portable so you can take them around anywhere, but they’re exceptionally useful in the house as well. There are a range of things you can do with an Android tablet from the comfort of your lounge room. Here are five ways you can use your Android tablet to make life easier without having to lift your butt off the couch. 

Despite Tim Cook's Trashtalking, Apple Will Pay Italy $348 Million In Back Taxes 

Apple, like many other companies, is infamous for funelling money through its European headquarters in Ireland and benefitting from a lower tax rate. Well, Italy’s had enough of it, and Apple just agreed to pay the boot-shaped country $US348 million in back taxes. Tim Cook must be pissed.

Samsung's Latest Transformative Gadget Is… A Smart Belt? 

Samsung just revealed the first class of gadgets to emerge from its Creative Lab projects. They’re creative alright!

Get The Wireless Dongle For The Xbox Elite Controller For The Cost Of A Pub Meal 

It’ll cost you about the same as a good pub lunch, comes with free express shipping and — as Microsoft has clarified — works on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

6 Ways To Make SciFi And Fantasy Weapons More Believable 

Ever read a fantasy book or watched a science fiction movie and struggled to suspend your disbelief due to the total lack of reality in some make believe weapons? Here’s advice for people writing this stuff on how to get guns and lasers and bow and wands right.

Get Dragonsphere Now Before You Have To Pay For It 

It’s always nice when old games are re-released, and it’s even better when those old games are made available for free. But due to new publisher arrangements, Dragonsphere won’t be available for free any more. So get it while you can.

What The Hell Is This Thing? 

No, it isn’t a tiny human dancing in a weird headdress, which was my first guess. And yes, it’s a real thing captured on a motion sensor camera in America. What’s your best guess?

This 13-Year-Old Girl Hunts Bears 

Kerigan Disorda wants to become a wildlife biologist when she grows up, in order to learn more about her favourite animal: the black bear. Follow along as she hunts one of those in Vermont.

Field Guides We Wish We Had 

Over at Bird and Moon, naturalist Rosemary Mosco has created a small booklist of field guides that will never exist. But we wish they did!

Watch This Fighting Automaton Battle A Dragon, Crab, And Rooster 

Paris is the only place you can see Le Défenseur du Temps, a beautiful living sculpture, up close, but the internet is the only place you can see Le Défenseur du Temps at work. This fighting statue is now motionless everywhere except in video.
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