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Friday, January 30, 2015

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Today's Significant Events

1661 - Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed after having been dead for two years.
1815 - Burned US Library of Congress reestablished with Thomas Jefferson's 6500 vols
1939 - Hitler threatens the Jews during his speech to the German Reichstag (parliament)
1948 - Mahatma Gandhi assassinated by Nathuram Godse
1965 - State funeral of Sir Winston Churchill at St Paul's Cathedral, London - largest state funeral ever

Today's Historical Events

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1077 - Pope Gregory VII pardons German emperor Henry IV
1349 - Gunther of Schwarzburg chosen German anti-king
1349 - Jews of Freilsburg Germany are massacred
1467 - Battle at Velke Kostolany: Hung king Mátyás Corvinus beats Bratrici
1487 - Bell chimes invented
1522 - Duke of Albany takes captured French back to Scotland
1544 - Adrian van Goes becomes land advocate of Holland
Holy Roman Emperor Henry IVHoly Roman Emperor Henry IV1592 - Ippolito Aldobrandini elected Pope Clement VIII
1647 - Scots agree to sell King Charles I to English Parliament for £400
1648 - Spain & Netherlands sign Peace of Munster, ending the Thirty Years War
1661 - Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed after having been dead for two years.
1667 - Treaty/Truce of Andrusovo signed between Tsardom of Russia & Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
1713 - England & Netherlands sign 2nd anti-French boundary treaty
1774 - Captain Cook reaches 71°10' south, 1820km from south pole (record)
English Military and Political Leader Oliver CromwellEnglish Military and Political Leader Oliver Cromwell1781 - Articles of Confederation ratified by 13th state, Maryland
1790 - Lifeboat 1st tested at sea, by Mr Greathead, the inventor
1797 - US Congress refuses to accept 1st petition from African American
1798 - Rep Matthew Lyon (Vt) spits in face of Rep Roger Griswold (Ct) in US House of Representatives, after an argument
1800 - US population: 5,308,483; African American population 1,002,037 (18.9%)
1804 - Mungo Park leaves England seeking source of Niger River
1806 - Prussia takes possession of Hanover
1806 - The original Lower Trenton Toll Bridge, which spans the Delaware River between Morrisville, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey, is opened. A later bridge opened in 1935 is also known as the Trenton Makes - the World Takes Bridge.
US President Thomas JeffersonUS President Thomas Jefferson1815 - Burned US Library of Congress reestablished with Thomas Jefferson's 6500 vols
1818 - John Keats composes his sonnet "When I Have Fears"
1820 - British explorer Edward Bransfield aboard Williams sights Trinity Peninsula, Antarctica claims for Britain
1826 - The Menai Suspension Bridge, considered the world's first modern suspension bridge, connecting the Isle of Anglesey to the north West coast of Wales is opened.
1835 - Richard Lawrence misfires at President Andrew Jackson in Washington DC in 1st attempted assassination of a US President
1841 - A fire destroys two-thirds of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
1847 - Yerba Buena renamed San Francisco
US President & General Andrew JacksonUS President & General Andrew Jackson1854 - 1st election in Washington Territory; 1,682 votes cast
1858 - Charles Halle founds Halle Orchestra in Manchester, England
1858 - William Wells Brown published 1st Black drama, "Leap to Freedom"
1862 - USS Monitor, the US Navy's 1st ironclad warship launched
1877 - Storm flood ravages Dutch coastal provinces
1879 - French President Patrice de Mac-Mahon resigns
1883 - England team presented with ashes of a bail after Sydney Test
1888 - Harry Moses 297 not out for NSW against Victoria
1889 - John Herschel uses camera obscura to photograph 48" (120cm) telescope
1889 - Victoria beat NSW after following on (NSW all out 63 needed 76)
1889 - Archduke Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian crown, is found dead with his mistress Baroness Mary Vetsera in Mayerling.
1892 - Bobby Abel carries his bat for 132* for England in SCG Test
1892 - Capt Lugard occupies Uganda's King Mwanga's hide out
1894 - Pneumatic hammer patented by Charles King of Detroit
1894 - US flag fired on in Rio; prompt satisfaction exacted by Adm Benham
1895 - C J Eady (Tas) 1st Australian to score twin centuries (v Vic)
1895 - SS Elbe sinks after collision in North Sea, 332 killed
1895 - Tasmania beat Victoria for 1st F-C victory in 41 years
1902 - Britain and Japan sign a treaty after months of negotiating which commits each country to supporting an independent China and Korea, although it acknowledges Japan's 'special interest' in Korea
1911 - 1st rescue of an air passenger by a ship, near Havana, Cuba
1913 - UK House of Lords rejects Irish Home Rule Bill
1915 - German submarine attack on Le Havre
1915 - No 10 batsman F W Hyett scores century on debut, Vic v Tas
1919 - Reds hire Pat Moran as manager as Christy Mathewson, is still in France with US Army
1921 - French rapist-murderer Henri-Desire Landru sentenced to death
1922 - Ted McDonald takes 8-58 in big Victorian win over NSW
1922 - World Law Day 1st celebrated
1924 - Ponsford scores second 110 of the game in Vic win over NSW
1925 - Turkish government throws out Constantine VI of Constantinople
1927 - Left wins national election in Thuringen
1928 - 1st radio telephone connection between Netherlands & US
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman1928 - Bradman scores 134 not out (225 mins, 13 fours) NSW v Vic
1928 - Eugene O'Neill's "Strange Interlude" premieres in NYC
1930 - Vladimir Mayakovsky's "Banya" premieres in Leningrad
1930 - The world's first radiosonde is launched in Pavlovsk, USSR.
1931 - Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" premieres at Los Angeles Theater
1932 - Grimmett 7-116 in South Africa 1st innings at Adelaide Oval
1933 - "Lone Ranger" begins a 21-year run on ABC radio
1933 - Adolf Hitler named German Chancellor, forms government with Von Papen
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler1933 - Grimmett takes 7-86 for SA in Qld 2nd inn, 13-135 for match
1934 - 1st theatrical presentation sponsored by US government, NYC
1934 - Bert Ironmonger ends Sheffield Shield career age 51 yrs 298 days
1934 - Hitler proclamation on German unified states
1935 - Ezra Pound meets Benito Mussolini, reads from a draft of "Cantos"
1936 - New owners of Boston Braves ask newspapermen to pick a new nickname
1936 - Victoria need 442 to win against NSW, but lose, all out for 415 They pick "The Bees" it doesn't catch on & is scrapped by 1940 season
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin1937 - 2nd of Stalin's purge trials; Pyatakov & 16 others sentenced to death
1939 - Hitler threatens the Jews during his speech to the German Reichstag (parliament)
1939 - Heavy after shocks destroy some of Chile
1940 - Benjamin Britten's "Lesson Illuminations" premieres in London
1940 - Cor Jongert wins 6th Dutch 11 Cities Skating Race
1940 - Hassett's second 122 of the game for Vic can't stop a NSW win
1941 - Australian troops conquer Derna, Libya
1942 - Japanese troops land on Ambon
1943 - 6 British Mosquitos bomb Berlin in daylight
1943 - German assault on French in Tunisia
1943 - German under officers shot down in Haarlem Neth
1943 - Hitler promotes Friedrich von Paul to Field Marshal
1943 - Illegal opposition newspaper Loyal begins publishing
1943 - USS Chicago sinks in Pacific Ocean
1944 - US invades Majuro, Marshall Islands
1944 - World War II: United States troops land on Majuro.
1945 - "Wilhelm Gustloff" torpedoed off Danzig by Soviet sub-c 9,400 die
1946 - 1st issue of Franklin Roosevelt dime
1948 - 5th Winter Olympic games open in St Moritz, Switzerland
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma GandhiPacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi1948 - Mahatma Gandhi assassinated by Nathuram Godse
1950 - "Robert Montgomery Presents" dramatic anthology premieres on NBC TV
1951 - Belgium refuses to allow communists to make speeches on radio
1952 - Lehmer verifies: 2^521-1 & 2^607-1 (183 ciphers) Mersenne-prime #
1952 - Paul Creston's 4th Symphony, premieres
1952 - Korean War truce talks deadlock
1954 - Belgium ends trade agreement with USSR
1954 - Fanfani government of Italy resigns
1956 - Elvis Presley records his version of "Blue Suede Shoes"
1956 - KRMA TV channel 6 in Denver, CO (PBS) begins broadcasting
Singer & Cultural Icon Elvis PresleySinger & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley1956 - KTXS TV channel 12 in Sweetwater-Abilene, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
1956 - Martin Luther King Jr.s home bombed
1957 - US Congress accepts "Eisenhower-doctrine"
1958 - 1st 2-way moving sidewalk in service, Dallas Tx
1958 - Baseball announces players & coaches rather than fans pick all stars
1958 - Dore Schary's "Sunrise at Campobello" premieres in NYC
1958 - UK House of Lords passes bill allowing women to take seats
1959 - Australia 1-200 1st day 4th Test v England, Adelaide Oval
1959 - Paul Hindemith's symphony "Pittsburgh" premieres
1960 - CIA OKs Lockheed to produce a new U-2 aircraft (Oxcart)
Clergyman and Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr.Clergyman and Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr.1960 - Dutch communist trade union EVC'58 disbands
1960 - Riot curtails third days play at Port-Of-Spain WI v England
1960 - US female Figure Skating championship won by Carol Heiss
1960 - US male Figure Skating championship won by David Jenkins
1961 - Bobby Darin is youngest performer to headline a TV special on NBC
1961 - JFK asks for an Alliance for Progress & Peace Corps
1961 - KAET TV channel 8 in Phoenix, AZ (PBS) begins broadcasting
1961 - Lance Gibbs takes hat-trick (Mackay, Grout, Misson) at Adelaide
35th US President John F. Kennedy35th US President John F. Kennedy1962 - UN General Assembly censures Portugal over Angola
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1962 - 2 members of Flying Wallendas' high-wire act killed when their 7-person pyramid collapsed during a performance in Detroit
1964 - Military coup of Gen Nguyen Khanh in South Vietnam
1964 - Ranger 6 launched; makes perfect flight to Moon, but cameras fail
1965 - "The Name Game" by Shirley Ellis hits #3
1965 - State funeral of Sir Winston Churchill at St Paul's Cathedral, London - largest state funeral ever
1966 - -19°F (-28°C), Corinth, Mississippi (state record)
1966 - -27°F (-33°C), New Market, Alabama (state record)
1966 - Ard Schenk skates world record 1500m (2:05.2)
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill1966 - Dmitri Shostakovitch completes his 11th string quartet
1968 - Bobby Goldsboro records his biggest hit, "Honey"
1968 - Vietcong launches Tet offensive on US embassy in Saigon
1969 - US/Canada ISIS 1 launched to study ionosphere
1969 - Beatles perform last live gig, a 42-min concert on roof of Apple HQ, London
1971 - "Ari" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 19 performances
1971 - Dennis Lillee takes 5-84 in his 1st Test bowl, v England
1971 - UCLA starts 88 basketball game win streak
1972 - 'Bloody Sunday': 27 unarmed civilians are shot (of whom 14 were killed) by the British Army during a civil rights march in Derry; this is the highest death toll from a single shooting incident during 'the Troubles'
1972 - Pakistan withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations
1973 - 26th NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 5-4 at NY Rangers
1973 - Jury finds Watergate defendants Liddy & McCord guilty on all counts
1973 - KISS plays their 1st show (Coventry Club in Queens NY)
1974 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1976 - 1st-class debut of Dav Whatmore, in Johannesburg
1976 - George H W Bush becomes 11th director of CIA (until 1977)
1976 - William E Colby, ends term as 10th director of CIA
1977 - 8th (final) part of "Roots" is most-watched entertainment show ever
1977 - Allan Border scores 36 in his 1st-class innings (NSW v Qld)
1977 - Edward W Stack replaces Paul Kerr president of Hall of Fame
1978 - Addie Joss & Larry MacPhail elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1978 - Mutual Broadcasting Network begins airing Larry King Show on radio
1979 - Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) agrees to new constitution
1979 - Varig 707-323C freighter, flown by the same commander as Flight 820, disappears over the Pacific Ocean 30 minutes after taking off from Tokyo.
Playwright Edward AlbeePlaywright Edward Albee1980 - Edward Albee's "Lady from Dubuque" premieres in NYC
1981 - 8th American Music Award: Barbra Streisand & Kenny Rogers win
1982 - US female Figure Skating championship won by Rosalynn Sumners
1982 - Richard Skrenta writes the first PC virus code, which is 400 lines long and disguised as an Apple boot program called "Elk Cloner".
1983 - Hilbert van Thumb becomes European skating champ
1983 - Pat Bradley wins LPGA Mazda of Deer Creek Golf Classic
1983 - Super Bowl XVII: Wash Red Skins beat Miami Dolphins, 27-17 in Pasadena Super Bowl MVP: John Riggins, Washington, RB
1988 - Hansie Cronje gets a pair in 2nd 1st-class game (OFS v N Tvl)
Rock Vocalist George MichaelRock Vocalist George Michael1989 - 16th American Music Award: Randy Travis & George Michaelwins
1989 - Five Pharaoh sculptures from 1470 BC found at temple of Luxor
1989 - Joel Steinberg found guilty of 1st degree manslaughter of daughter
1989 - Last day of 1st class cricket for Dav Whatmore
1989 - Olympian, Bruce Kimball, is sentenced to 17 years in prison for killing 2 teenagers in a drunk driving accident
1989 - The American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan closes.
1991 - Iraqi troops gain control of Al Khafji inside the Saudi Arabian border
1992 - Space Shuttle STS-42 (Discovery 15) lands
1993 - 100,000 Europeans demonstrate against fascism & racism
Tennis Player and Nine-Time Major Champion Monica SelesTennis Player and Nine-Time Major Champion Monica Seles1993 - 67th Australian Women's Tennis Open: Monica Seles beat Graf (4-6 6-3 6-2)
1994 - 68th Australian Women's Tennis Open: S Graf beats A S Vicario (6-0 6-2)
1994 - 82nd Australian Men's Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Todd Martin (76 64 64)
1994 - Dan Jansen skates world record 500m (35.76)
1994 - Kapil Dev equals Richard Hadlee's world record of 431 Test wkts
1994 - Super Bowl XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills, 30-13 in Atlanta Super Bowl MVP: Emmitt Smith, Dallas, RB
1994 - Péter Lékó becomes the youngest chess grand master.
1995 - 22nd American Music Award: Boyz II Men & Ace of Base win
American Football Player Emmitt SmithAmerican Football Player Emmitt Smith1995 - Belgium's TV channel 2 in Flanders goes on the air
1995 - Car bomb explodes in Algiers, 42 killed/296 injured
1995 - Kevin Eubanks officially becomes band leader of "Tonight Show"
1995 - Workers from the National Institutes of Health announce the success of clinical trials testing the first preventive treatment for sickle-cell disease.
1995 - Norway's Statoil announces a newly formed consortium that will supply Norwegian natural gas to the European continent
1996 - Gino Gallagher, the suspected leader of the Irish National Liberation Army, is killed while waiting in line for his unemployment benefit.
1996 - Commander of the U.S. Fifth Fleet Scott Redd states that Iran test-fired a new anti-ship missile near the Strait of Hormuz
1997 - Minuteman III launches
1998 - All-Star Fla Marlin catcher Darren Daulton, retires
1998 - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Indianapolis IN on WNAP 93.1 FM
1998 - Paul Simon's "The Capeman" premieres
2000 - Super Bowl XXXIV: St. Louis Rams beat Tennessee Titans, 23-16 at the Georgia Dome Atlanta MVP: Kurt Warner, St. Louis, QB
2000 - Off the coast of Ivory Coast, Kenya Airways Flight 431 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 169.
2003 - Belgium legally recognizes same-sex marriage.
2003 - Richard Reid sentenced to life in prison for attempting to bomb an American Airlines flight with 197 on board
2011 - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 55-41
2013 - South Korea successfully launches its rocket Naro-1 which was carrying a scientific satellite
2014 - 24 hostages are killed after 6 suicide bombers temporarily take over the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation in Baghdad
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