Bronx *Trauma* IRT 1 Line at West 238th Street and Broadway. Battalion 27 has a confirmed man under the train, requesting power off.
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Staten Island *75-0098* 42 Silver Lake Rd off Haven Esplinade. Fully involved garage fire.
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Bronx *75-3680* 3840 White Plains Road between East 220 Street and 221 Street. Ladder 32 transmitting a 10-75 for a Fire in a multiple dwelling.
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Bronx *75-2946* Fire Location: 1819 Waterloo Pl B18 10-75 Fire in the basement
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Photos Of Staten Island **88-22-0727*2nd Alarm** 97 Bond St off Heberton Ave. Bn-22 transmitting the 2nd alarm, fire in a...
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Staten Island **88-22-0727*2nd Alarm** 99 Bond St off Heberton Ave. Bn-22 transmitting the 2nd alarm, fire in a private dwelling extended to exposure 4.
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SI**75-0727**97 Bond St. E157 transmitting a 10-75 for fire in a private dwelling.
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Manhattan **75-210** 148 Madison St off Pike St, BC4 transmitting the 10-75 for fire in Room 4-G of a 6 story hotel.
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Brooklyn **75-1266**427 7th Street off 6 Ave, BC48 transmitting the 10-75 for fire in a multiple dweliing.
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Manhattan *Ped Struck/PIN* Bowery & E Houston. E-33 requesting TL-9 & Rescue 1, they have a male pinned under a bus
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Brooklyn **75-1143** 221 79 Street off Ridge Blvd, E242 transmitting the 10-75 for Fire in a multiple dwelling.
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Brooklyn *75-0903* 586 Madison St off Lewis. All Hands were used for an electrical fire in a 3 story private dwelling 20x40.
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BRONX (WABC) -- The FDNY rescued a young boy who wandered onto the frozen Bronx River Thursday. The dramatic scene played out near the intersection of...
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NYC Fire Wire added a new photo.
15 hrs · 
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Brooklyn *75-0847* 274 Macdougal St off Rockaway Ave. Fire 2nd floor in a 2 story 20x50 non-fireproof multiple dwelling.
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Bronx *75-3516* 39 E Bedford Park Blvd. Fire in cockloft of a 1 story 25x70.
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Manhattan *75-1668* 914 st nicholas ave. Fire in a brownstone. E-84/L-34 1st due.
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Lieutenants test is confirmed to be 6/20/15. Filing will be March 4th- 24th.
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Bronx *75-4259* 1610 Mahan Avenue at Middletown Road, Ladder 50 transmitting the 10-75 for fire showing out the fourth floor of a six story multiple dwelling.
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Outstanding job by the members of Engine 96, Tower Ladder 54, Ladder 48, Rescue 3 and other emergency personnel who just assisted in removing the victim stranded on the ice in the Bronx River.
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Bronx *Water Rescue* Box 2899, Westchester Avenue Bridge at Bronx River Avenue, Ladder 54 has a person stuck out on the ice in the Bronx River, ESU also on scene.
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New York City Office Of Emergency Management (OEM) has issued a Weather Advisory for Thursday, January 29, 2015 and Friday, January 30, 2015. Light snow is expected to begin around 9:00 PM and continue until early Friday morning. An accumulation of 1-2 inches of snow is expected, with little to no ice formation, but roads could be slippery for Friday's commute. Decreasing temperatures and increased winds are forecast for Friday afternoon and evening. Nighttime lows of 12 to 13 degrees with wind chills of -5 to -10 degrees are possible. Sustained winds of 20 to 30 MPH can be expected with gusts of of up 40 MPH.
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Queens *MVA/PIN* Box 6441 266 Street and 75th Avenue Engine 251 Confirming they have a Person pinned in a car
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Manhattan *66-22-0564*2nd Alarm** 158 W 15 st off 6 Ave. Fire apt 2b in a 5 story old law tenement, extended to apt 3b
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Apparently it is so easy to get money from this city.... the wrong way. If you work hard the right way, then the Unions get nothing. Referenced in the article was: "City lawyers signed off on a $98 million settlement last March over a longstanding class-action discrimination case brought by minority FDNY applicants over unfair hiring practices."
..And this further shows how the City stopped standing by their police force.
He menaced cops with a machete — and the city paid him for it. A Brooklyn thug who was shot by officers while waving an 18-inch blade at them and later sued...
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NYC Fire Wire added a new photo.
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Bronx *75-2112* 98 Lincoln Ave. Fire in a 1 story waste management facility.
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Queens *75-6042* 94-53 Lefferts Bl. Fire in a vacant.
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Manhattan 10-76 Box 805 Fire Location: 19 West 4