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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Find the Best: Puppies, the Superbowl, etc.

Must-Read Stories: The 31 Cheapest Dogs on The Market – The Smartphone Display is Getting Sharper and Shaper...but is this Necessary? – Quiz: Which Car Do You Deserve? – Why Florida Is One of the Worst States for Car Insurance – Proving Russell Wilson is Decidedly Better Now Than Tom Brady was in Early 2000s – These Incredible Cars Will Get You Excited For The Future
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The 31 Cheapest Dogs on the Market Â»

Buying a dog is no small investment, but some wonderful dog breeds actually do not cost a fortune. Using our dog breeds topic, we decided to find out which puppies out there are the cheapest.
See the Least Expensive Pups » Research More Dog Breeds on FindTheBest »
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The Smartphone Display Is Getting Sharper and Sharper. Is That a Good Thing? Â»

The latest big-name smartphones all have crazy displays with millions of pixels, but is there a point at which sharp becomes too sharp? Our case against more pixels in three charts.
See Why When It Comes to Smartphone Pixels, Enough is Enough » Compare Pixel Density Across Thousands of Smartphones »
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Quiz: Which Car Do You Deserve? Â»

If you picked a car using just a few factors, which one would you end up with? Find out now.
See Which Car You'd End Up With » Get All the Information on Thousands of Cars »
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Why Florida Is One of the Worst States for Car Insurance Â»

We collected data from 45 of the nation's most popular car insurance companies to see how their rates vary by state. Here's how Florida stacks up against other states. Warning: it's not pretty.
See Where Florida Ranks on Car Insurance Rates » Research Car Insurance Rates for Each State »
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Proving Russell Wilson Is Decidedly Better Now Than Tom Brady Was in Early 2000s Â»

The Seattle Seahawks avoided the dreaded Super Bowl hangover this season, with the team's vaunted defense garnering the lion's share of the credit. But Russell Wilson has quietly displayed that he might be destined to become one of the NFL's all-time greats.
See How Wilson Stacks Up Against Brady » Explore and Compare More NFL Players »
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These Incredible Cars Will Get You Excited For The Future Â»

We checked out the top performance cars at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and were impressed with what the future has in store.
See the Newest Performance Cars » Discover Detailed Info on Even More Cars »
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