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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What is Fuse?

For all its bright lights and scrolling advertising, I am still not quite sure what this Fuse place is.

Let us check the internet:

This seems to be the right listing ( also restaurant called Fuse...assume this is Fuse Networks):

Our company does something very uncommon and very useful for businesses today: we fuse the vertical elements of the technology industry into single integrated solutions delivered through a single source. We engineer the connectivity and host everything in a private cloud environment including phones, SaaS, PCs, servers, faxes, printers, routers switches. Then we maintain and support all aspects of the solution as a single help desk.

Our clients pay one bill instead of hundreds. The total cost is comparable — and usually less — than a traditional legacy environment. But most importantly, the user experience is far superior with better equipment and greater functionality, security, productivity and scalability.
— Russ Johnson, President