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Friday, September 23, 2011

Chrysler Plaque

This plaque in the sidewalk is actually a couple of blocks away from the Chrysler Building ( sometimes referred to as "Walter Chrysler's biggest erection.")

For some reason, there are a lot of plaques in this section of Midtown, including the Library Walk with all its quotes about reading from famous authors....

Why this plaque is where it is remains a mystery. Let me see if I can google something about it

Well, it is all part of 101 Park Avenue development. This briefly from the internet:

was built in 1979-1982 by H.J. Kalikow & Co. as an office tower in the Grand Central Terminal neighbourhood.

The main entrance to the building is located at the diagonal part facing the gray granite-clad plaza with a fountain. Furthermore, the Park Avenue sidewalk between 40th and 41st Streets features 20 bronze relief plaques measuring 55 x 91 cm, depicting notable buildings in the vicinity.