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Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh, those psychics etc.

There are always EVEN MORE mind readers and psychics popping up in Midtown....this area has gone crazy with them!

From an internet account of meeting with a psychic on the Upper east Side:

As the Psychics See It

by Julie D Andrews
“This is your year,” she said looking straight into me with dark brown eyes.Upper East Side Psychics New York, NY
“The year of the jubilee. It’s the lucky number seven. Stay on the path. This is your path. A lot of positive changes will happen in the next two to four months”.
Who knew my palm had so much written in it?
It was a few weeks into a new year. I’d been busy making plans and forecasts when I recalled the night I first saw the signs. It had been mid-December, just days before I would leave town for the winter holidays. On my way to East 70th Street, I decided to take Lexington Avenue, instead of Park or Madison as I usually do.
The signs caught my eye, calling in neon from the second story of a building at 1113 Lexington Avenue: Psychic. Astrology. Another sign displayed a pyramid.
In an area known for its chi-chi boutiques, majestic churches, and historic synagogues the advertisement of services linked to the occult seemed out of place. Something told me I would be back.
There are quite a few options for one seeking psychic advising on the Upper East Side. On thinking one afternoon it might be an endeavor worth pursuing, I made a few calls to price psychic readings and the like. I dialed Samantha’s Tarot Card Readings and got an answering machine. While I was leaving a message, Donna picked up the phone. A reading lasting from five to ten minutes would cost $40. But, this was not a psychic reading, she said, but a Tarot card reading.
“Just five minutes?” I asked. “Forty dollars?”
“Yes,” she replied. “When did you want to come in?”
That price was too steep for me, so I decided it would be better to happen upon a place and maybe hit a walk-in special. Besides, I had seen those signs on Lexington. So, that’s where it made sense to go.
Ultimately, I had a Tarot card reading with Rose at 341 E. 78th St. and a palm reading at Sarah Michael’s (the place initially piquing my interest) at 1113 Lexington Avenue.
I walked down E. 78th St. and found Rose between First and Second Avenues. In swirling white letters a sign in the window read: Psychic. A small round table sat out front, along with two chairs.
When I knocked at the door, Rose answered. Her frame was tiny, near delicate. Her feathery hair, a whitish-grayish-blondish shade, was pulled back from her face in a bun.
I entered the parlor. It was stuffy and smoky. A fat, fluffy white cat sat on a chair. Rose picked up the cat, moved it to a separate room, and shut the door. She had a weathered face, dark eyes, and spoke with a light accent. Her style was classically elegant, her skirt falling to the knees. She directed me to sit in the chair where the cat had been lounging.
On a plate, a candle was surrounded at its base by crystal shards in pastel shades. Rose had two main offerings. There was the $10 special, a character reading. And, there was a Tarot card reading that showed past, present, and future … at a cost of $45.