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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Local mini greenmarket and rummage sale had all kinds of items....including many pickled products and also this variety of olives.

Curious about olive varieties. Internet says:

Olive Varieties

Here are some of the more popular olive varieties:

manzanilla:  Spanish green olive, available unpitted and/or stuffed, lightly lye-cured then packed in salt and lactic acid brine

picholine:  French green olive, salt-brine cured, with subtle, lightly salty flavor, sometimes packed with citric acid as a preservative in the U.S.

kalamata:  Greek black olive, harvested fully ripe, deep purple, almond-shaped, brine-cured, rich and fruity flavor

ni├žoise:  French black olive, harvested fully ripe, small in size, rich, nutty, mellow flavor, high pit-to-meat ratio, often packed with herbs and stems intact

liguria:  Italian black olive, salt-brine cured, with a vibrant flavor, sometimes packed with stems

ponentine:  Italian black olive, salt-brine cured then packed in vinegar, mild in flavor

gaeta:  Italian black olive, dry-salt cured, then rubbed with oil, wrinkled in appearance, mild flavor, often packed with rosemary and other herbs

lugano:  Italian black olive, usually very salty, sometimes packed with olive leaves, popular at tastings

sevillano:  Californian, salt-brine cured and preserved with lactic acid, very crisp