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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Johnny Rocket's

Surprising find...Johnny Rockets in upper East Midtown is very reasonably priced.

Let us see what internet says:

Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant franchise whose concept is to create a classic American restaurant atmosphere. The theme is the diner-style restaurant that had become a common sight by the 1950s. Decor includes Coca-Cola advertising featuring nearly life-size cardboard illustrations of women in World War II armed services uniforms, individual jukebox stations, chrome accents and red vinyl seats. The staff at some locations are known to sing and dance every half-hour. Making a smiley face with ketchup on the paper plate when served french fries is a Johnny Rockets trademark.
The menu, presentation, counter seating and grilling area are based on an original restaurant from 1947 (still operating today), The Apple Pan, in West Los Angeles, California: A small two-sided menu with few items, hamburgers served wrapped in paper and on cardboard plates, hamburgers grilled-to-order in full view of the counter-seated customers.[3][4][5]