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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Palm Trees in Manhattan

Wonder what will happen to these palm trees in front of the Hotel Metro when winter comes.

Hope they take them inside...Remember a nutty motel in Chicago back in the 1950's that actually had palm trees planted outside it when it was new. They died in the Fall, of course...what a waste.

About New York trees( from the internet, again):

Just in time for Arbor Day, Parks announces green news–New York City is already 100,000 street trees greener than it was ten years ago, and the City will plant a million more trees under Mayor Bloomberg’s recently announced PlaNYC.
The Parks Department announces the results of the second citywide count of trees that grow on New York City streets and are managed by Parks. The 2005-2006 Street Tree Census found 592,130 street trees–a 19% increase over the 1995-1996 census. Thanks to 1,100 volunteers and a sophisticated computer software program, New Yorkers now have a way to quantify the enormous benefits of New York’s street trees–from pollution reduction to savings on air conditioning bills. Street trees provide almost $122 million in benefits annually to City residents and are one of the best investments around.
Over the past two summers, volunteers fanned out across the City to record information (such as size, species, location, and condition) for every street tree in New York City, logging a total of more than 30,000 volunteer hours. The United States Forest Service analyzed the data using a computer modeling program based on tree growth curves, climate data, and regional patterns of energy use, pollution levels, and building construction to quantify the dollar value of annual environmental and aesthetic benefits of each of the trees surveyed.