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Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Atlas

The Dead Sea Scrolls are among the most important historical texts ever discovered, and for decades archeologists have been searching for more. Now, for the first time in 60 years, a new cave has been excavated that once contained more Dead Sea Scrolls. Sadly, looters got there first.   Read more
This little gadget truly works double duty. It charges any device on-the-go using an ultra-fast USB that juices batteries at two-times normal speed. Then, using its smartphone app, Zus acts as a homing device for finding your car where you last left it. No more searching parking lots for hours, and no more running out of phone battery when you get there. You are totally, technically covered.   Read more
The Moov HR Sweat is a smart personal trainer which uses heart-rate monitoring to give you a high intensity workout that will push you to your limits. We recently got the chance to try the sweatband-worn device ahead of its release, read on to see how we got on.   Read more
Black holes fall into two categories: stellar-mass, weighing a few times our Sun, and supermassive black holes, those with the mass of millions or billions of stars. But scientists suspect “middleweight” black holes exist, and have now detected the first evidence of one of these missing links.  Read more
As more research is revealed about the health detriments of sitting all day, an increasing number of companies is looking for ways to get us up out of our chairs. One of the more recent entries to this market is the Edge Desk, which we got our hands – and knees – on to review.   Read more
Butterfly wings are covered with microscopic structures that reflect visible light in such a way that it appears as vivid colors. Blue tarantulas also possess this quality, although as scientists recently discovered, they've put their own special spin on it.   Read more
With the Weekend Edition concept, Volkswagen adds some strategic accessories to the new Atlas SUV, transforming it into a shuttle set for family recreation and adventure with room to pack the kids, gear, suitcases and even the family dog up for a long weekend on the road.  Read more
How did the Moon form 4.5 billion years ago, and why is it so different from the Earth? According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, part of the answer can be found in a mineral created by the first nuclear bomb test in 1945.   Read more
The MacBook Air is not the lightest, thinnest, most powerful or most recent of the Apple laptop lineup, but with its slim size, worthy internals and mix of expansion ports, it is arguably the most user-friendly. If you're looking for comparable options, New Atlas has a few suggestions.   Read more
​Running marathons can be a lonely business. Sure, there are stretches where the road is lined with cheering spectators, but there are also sections where the athlete is alone. That's why scientists have developed a baton that allows remotely-located people to electronically cheer the runner on.   Read more
Despite all the accolades we shower on record-breaking triathletes and ultra-marathoners, chances are, they'd be no match for the dorado catfish. The world record holder for the longest freshwater fish migration, life for this river giant is one epic endurance test.   Read more
​A team of scientists mapping the seafloor along Australia's Great Barrier Reef have stumbled upon the remains of a huge underwater landslide. Its estimated 32 km cubed volume is around 30 times that of Uluru, the giant red rock in Australia's center.  Read more
Today, Google launched Android Wear 2.0 (the operating system for Android-based smartwatches) and announced the first two smartwatch models sporting the new system: the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport.  Read more
As electric cars become more common, manufacturers are battling to find new ways to improve their hardware and lower costs. Over at Honda, the desire to improve its battery-powered cars has led to a new partnership with Hitachi, which has a long history of building motors for electric vehicles.    Read more
Bang and Olufsen has introduced a more affordable cable-free option for its line of Beoplay headphones, the H4s, which look the same as the pricier models but do without a few of the key features.   Read more
Plans have been unveiled to renovate Chicago's iconic Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower). The $500 million modernization will involve the addition of plush new tenant-only amenities, an upgraded observation point and a three story glass structure at the tower's entrance.  Read more
​The T-X competition took another twist today as aircraft company Leonardo confirmed it's carrying on in the contest for the contract to replace 400 T-38 training jets as a solo bidder.   Read more
Flipboard, the popular news app that creates custom digital magazines for each user, will now allow users to take the personalization process much further. In its 4.0 release, it has added a "Smart Magazine" option for creating curated feeds related to specific user-defined special interests.   Read more
​The Macchiato Mini Synth has a similar aesthetic to the recently-revamped Stylophone, but offers audio nerds and sound geeks the chance to get their hands dirty and build their own for under US$40, or buy it fully assembled and ready to play.  Read more