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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Atlas

Biologists at The Scripps Research Institute have conducted experiments on C. elegans roundworms and identified a brain hormone that selectively triggers fat burning in the gut, regardless of food intake and without any obvious side effects – and the findings could have implications for humans.​  Read more
Push your car into the future with HUDWAY Glass, the brilliant solution that allows using any head-up display (HUD) app on any mobile device in your car to see the road ahead completely clearly. The very first of its kind, HUDWAY Glass produces a 20% larger image from your phone letting you see navigation, your speedometer, or any other HUD app with a more crystal, clearer picture that will prevent your gaze from wandering while driving.   Read more
Potential can be such a fickle thing. On paper, the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 has plenty. It's gorgeous, powerful, and hails from a long line of fun Japanese coupes. Unfortunately, it never quite fulfills its promise.   Read more
Wearables don't always come in the forms of smartwatches​ and fitness trackers​. One subgenre is wellness wearables, which promise to do things like manipulate your mood or teach you to meditate. We took a handful for a test-drive.   Read more
Utah's Alpine Tiny Homes recently completed this neat tiny house that has room for a family of four. The Brown Bear features a master loft with a queen-size bed for the parents and a secondary split loft for two kids. It also runs off-the-grid with solar power.   Read more
A V164 offshore wind turbine from MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has produced almost 216,000 kWh over a 24-hour period during tests at its site near Østerild, Denmark​ in December. In doing so, the ​9 MW prototype takes the energy generation record for a commercially available offshore wind turbine.​   Read more
Through a special organ on their snouts, pit vipers can sense the body heat of their prey. Scientists have developed an artificial skin that uses a similar mechanism​ and could allow prosthetic limbs to detect changes in temperature, or make a smart bandage that can warn of infection.   Read more
For several years Professor George Hanna, from Imperial College London, has been directing work toward the development of a test that can detect cancers of the esophagus and stomach by measuring the levels of five chemicals in a patient's breath.   Read more
The Chromecast is a circular dongle that receives video and audio from a phone, tablet, laptop, Mac or PC, and streams it to the TV. It's one of the easiest, cheapest and most versatile ways to watch streaming video on a bigger screen. New Atlas guides you through setting up and using the device.  Read more
Researchers have developed a system that a living dragonfly can wear like a backpack, allowing engineers to steer it remotely to deliver payloads, conduct reconnaissance and even guide pollination.   Read more
Just a few months since its first motorcycle, the Redshift, became available to the US market, Alta Motors is set to roll out a new concept model. Inspired by flat track machines, the Street Tracker is conceived as a road-legal battery-powered motorcycle built around the Redshift platform.   Read more
Last year, German camping module specialist Ququq turned the Mercedes G-Class into a makeshift off-road expedition vehicle with the G-Box. Now it's done the same for the Land Rover Defender, with the D-Box.   Read more
Scientists have developed two new vaccines for canine influenza that will not only make man's best friend more comfortable, but potentially protect humans from cross-species infections.   Read more
​Although the iPhone 7 may be water-resistant, you still shouldn't use it for underwater photography. That's where the LenzO housing comes in. Designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it lets the phone be safely submerged as deep as 100 meters (330 ft).   Read more
To commemorate the anniversary of the Apollo1 fire, NASA has opened a new exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center called "Ad Astra Per Aspera - A Rough Road Leads to the Stars." It includes tributes and artifacts to the three men lost that day.   Read more
Could proponents of microdosing, the Silicon Valley productivity trend that involves taking tiny hits of LSD, be on to something? A new study revealing the reason acid trips last such a long time suggests maybe.   Read more
Salmonella bacteria can cause you to become seriously ill. But new research shows that the stomach-distressing bug has a vested interest in keeping you healthy, and uses a tricky mechanism to do so. In a way, it proves that the old saw about feeding a cold could be pretty good advice.   Read more
Mercedes design has undergone a huge transformation in the past 10 years, with a fresh focus on swooping lines. Everything wearing a three-pointed star on its nose shares a familiar, attractive shape. Based on the new Aesthetics A Concept, though, that shape is set to change.   Read more
​Researchers at Harvard University say they've managed to create the first-ever sample of metallic hydrogen.   Read more
The McLaren F1 is arguably the most significant supercar of the modern era. It's been 25 years since Andy Wallace completed his record run at Ehra-Lessien, and McLaren has celebrated by diving into the archives for some period footage of the F1 racing into the history books.   Read more
The European Space Agency has shared a video of a battery upgrade mission aboard the ISS, shot from the chest of astronaut Thomas Pesquet as he completed his first-ever spacewalk.   Read more
So you’ve had your Mac for a while and things don’t feel as fresh and clean as they used to. Here are the steps you can take to declutter your Mac, possibly get it running faster and make it feel like new again.   Read more
​​Perhaps one of the biggest things that people obsess over after leaving their house is, "Did I leave the oven burner on?". Well, if they had the Inirv React system in their kitchen, they could check on their smartphone. If it turned out that a burner was on, they could then remotely turn it off.  Read more
​​An underwater expedition to study flaming reef lobsters in the Caribbean has led to a chance encounter with another kind of colorful crustacean: the newly discovered candy striped hermit crab, named so for its candy cane-colored legs.   Read more
Those of us who live and seek adventure in cold weather are familiar with the various thermal technologies available. With Oros, something is different. It's lightweight, thin, and yet warmer than many other options we've owned thanks to the use of NASA-inspired aerogel.   Read more