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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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February 6, 2017|View as webpage
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Off-duty Wis. firefighter killed in crash
DC Fire after crash: 'We can't help you if we can't get there'
Young FF remembered for grit, serving 'until the very end'
Mich. leads effort to shift firefighters away from pensions: Critics say the state should not intervene in local labor contracts and describe the push as an attack on firefighters
Texas firefighters to get blood test for early cancer detection: The test detects a protein in the blood that is present in malignant cells
Calif. firefighter-paramedic sues city, fire dept. for discrimination: The suit alleges Carlo Teruel was terminated because he used accrued sick leave to care for his wife and two young sons
Fire chief's POV struck while responding to call; 2 hurt
FDNY enlists diverse firefighter group to attract recruits
Volunteer firefighter spots, extinguishes gas pump fire
Wis. fire dept. saves $350K by recycling ambulances
College fund set up for fallen Kan. firefighter's son
Calif. firefighter adopts puppy he rescued
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5 ways fire officers can successfully lead older firefighters
By Robert Avsec, FR1 Columnist
Young officers leading older firefighters face an uphill battle; here's a look at how to make that situation smoother for both officers and firefighters.
Embrace humility 
Sleep disruption, shift work threatens firefighter health
By Catherine R. Counts, FR1 Contributor
Review from The BMJ confirms what many paramedics, firefighters and police officers already know about shift work and its effect on sleep.
3 key findings 
Top 10 must-see firefighting documentaries
By Sarah Calams, FR1 Associate Editor
These documentaries are not your typical Hollywood adaptations; they're real, raw and offer a glimpse into the life of everyday firefighters.
Have you seen them? 
When a firefighter's son says he wants to be a cop
By Billy Galvin, FR1 Contributor
I gotta wonder what blast to the ticker he'll give me next.
'At first I was insulted' 
Defend yourself if knocked to the ground
Kip Tietsort demonstrates a basic defensive position from the floor, and how to protect yourself if your attacker moves toward you. 
Watch the video 
Reality Training: Dangerous roof ops
FIREGROUND: How to prevent a mayday
Want to Win $5,000 in New Gear?
Complete the 2017 State of the Fire Service survey from FEMSA/FAMA for a chance to win $5,000 in equipment, plus a $500 gift card to Best Buy.
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3,600Calif. fire dept. hires first female fire chief
433New warning system aims to protect firefighters
4274 key areas for firefighters strength training
42612 slang terms only a firefighter would know
390Top 10 must-see firefighting documentaries
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