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Saturday, February 11, 2017

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February 10, 2017|View as webpage
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FDNY EMS lieutenant dies from 9/11-related cancer
Service dog aids paramedic with PTSD, anxiety
Israeli volunteer EMT responds to record calls
ND dispatcher with cancer fights termination: Joan Koenig's attorney alleges the dispatch center miscalculated her sick leave and terminated her before she used it all
Chicago mayor accused of breaking ambulance-expansion promise: EMS leaders said nothing has been done to expand ambulance services and hire more paramedics
Miss. House passes bill protecting first responders: The House voted to triple penalties for committing violence against firefighters, police and paramedics
Ohio firefighter-paramedic seriously hurt in crash
Wash. ambulance catches fire after crash
Wis. dispatcher helps woman stop out-of-control car
Iowa man disputing $3K ambulance transport bill
EMT accused of assaulting patient gets probation
Building a safer ambulance through science
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EMS: What's in a name?
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
Service is the embodiment of the noble goal we all had when we entered EMS.
The art of medicine 
How well do you know pediatrics?
By Limmer Creative, EMS1 Columnist
Test your knowledge of neonatal resuscitation and pediatric patient care with this quiz.
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When does legal liability to an EMS patient begin?
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
The Legal Guardian answers a reader's question about if legal liability starts at time of dispatch or time of patient contact.
What to know 
Are sports drinks, water or IV fluids better for firefighter rehab?
By Jay MacNeal, et al., EMS1 Columnists
Let's get smart about emergency responder hydration by understanding the need for prehydration and rehydration with water.
Best options 
How to work with a challenging partner
Our co-hosts share tips to assist with conflict resolution in the cab.
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Paramedic Chief Newsletter: 7 communication steps for leaders
EMT dances, sings to Bee Gees during shift
300Is fire-based EMS destroying our best EMTs?
212Miss. House passes bill protecting first responders
206Exclusive: Field amputation difference between life and death
131AMR: Trump protesters did not block ambulance
121NASCAR partners with AMR to expand emergency response system
Improve CPR success with systems thinking
Progress on one link in the chain of survival doesn't guarantee success of the other links in the chain of survival.
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