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Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Atlas

The rise in speeds from 1894 to 1914 charts a wave of innovation: from one cylinder to 12 cylinders, from side-valve to DOHC 4-valve combustion chambers, from solid axles to pneumatic suspension and from 12 mph to 120 mph. Here's a look at the world's fastest cars throughout these formative years.  Read more
For this year's CES, Beijing drone-builder PowerVision has taken the wraps off a submersible drone that uses sonar to detect fish, blue light to lure them in and a 4K camera to stream all the action back to the boat.   Read more
​​NASA is turning to a 56-year-old wind tunnel to put its next generation Space Launch System (SLS) rocket through its aerodynamic paces.   Read more
Those that liked the cute styling of the bike-towable Wide Path Camper but don't have the required thighs of steel now have another option. A car-towable version, dubbed the Homie, is available, and includes a dining table, seating and a bed. It can also operate off-the-grid with solar power.   Read more
DJI has unveiled the CrystalSky monitor, which is bright enough for details to be visible in direct sunlight. At CES this week, the company is also introducing a new Osmo Mobile rig, a route-planning and 3D mapping app, and a limited-run, Chinese New Year Edition of the Phantom 4.   Read more
After a torturous 90-minute CES launch, we now have details on Faraday Future's first production car, the FF91. Zero to 60 in 2.39 seconds, 1050 hp, more torque than a Mack truck, 130 kilowatt-hours of battery, 500 mile per hour charging and a driverless valet mode make this the new EV king.   Read more
​Smart glasses once seemed like a gadget our future selves wouldn’t be able to go without, but they’ve mostly retreated from the public eye. Now Lenovo has set its sights on the augmented reality eyewear arena, with a business customer-focused pair of smart specs it calls New Glass C200.   Read more
At CES 2017, Chrysler is presenting a concept car with the flexibility and upgradability to grow with the millennial, from adventurous youth to head of household. The all-new Portal Concept debuts as a high-tech semi-autonomous MPV.   Read more
​Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa, has a new home in Lenovo’s Smart Assistant, an Echo-like device that picks up voice commands and replies in kind. If better sound quality is your jam, there’s a Harman Kardon edition, and the company is also rolling out a wireless Smart Storage device.   Read more
A flat battery is a major hassle in implanted electronic medical devices, such as pacemakers. It often means invasive surgery to replace the battery, but a new study has found​ that the use of solar cells implanted under the skin to power medical implants is a feasible approach.   Read more
​Another year, another smart fridge by Samsung. The company has now announced the second iteration of its Family Hub fridges, in a wider range of models, and adding voice commands, profiles for individual family members, and partnering with more companies for ordering food and checking news.   Read more
​Enjoy the iPhone 7's portrait mode, but don't want to shell out for a premium smartphone? Huawei's budget brand Honor is bringing a new dual-camera Android handset to the US and Europe that can give you a similar blurred-background bokeh effect for just US$250.   Read more
​Home security systems may bring peace of mind, but not everyone likes the thought of video cameras watching over them. That's why Cognitive Systems Corp created Aura. Instead of cameras, it uses a sensor to detect disruptions to wireless signals caused by movement.   Read more
Scientists from the University of Rochester Medical Center have devised a non-invasive system of imaging retinal cells, and it could ultimately be used to catch conditions such as glaucoma before they lead to blindness.​   Read more
Microsoft is leading a group of technology companies that is showcasing its version of a connected, autonomous car experience at CES in Las Vegas.   Read more
​Italian aerospace company Leonardo announces that its Aermacchi M-345 High Efficiency Trainer (HET) has completed its maiden flight.According to the company, the 30 minute flight went off without incident.  Read more
​Scandinavian audio startup Earin impressed us with its debut Bluetooth earbuds, which featured an impressive build and sound quality. Now it's back for its second bite of the cherry showing off its M-2 earbuds at this week's CES.   Read more
Bedmaker Sleep Number has arrived at this year's CES with a smart bed that tracks a user's sleep and adjusts itself throughout the night for optimal comfort, even positioning itself to silence habitual snorers. ​   Read more
The SpeedX Unicorn road bike features a built-in (but removable) cycling computer, along with an integrated power meter, hydraulic disc brakes and electronic shifting.  Read more
The Motiv Ring is exactly what it sounds like, a device to track your sleep, heart rate, steps and activities, all wrapped right around your finger. ​   Read more
Scientists at MIT have devised a new algorithm that suggests almost all of the city's 14,000 or so taxis could be replaced by just 3,000 ride-sharing vehicles, all without significantly impacting travel time.   Read more
​E Ink has revealed what it's calling the world's largest commercially available active matrix ePaper module at CES 2017. QuirkLogic's eWriter connected writer system has been combined with E Ink's 42-inch ePaper display technology for the Quilla whiteboard.   Read more
The next 12 months will see an explosion of VR content designed to tie into cinematic properties as Hollywood studios work to gain a foothold in the new medium of virtual reality. The latest project to be announced is a VR experience designed to tie in with the latest entry in the Alien franchise.   Read more
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