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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Atlas

This year will see new US space priorities, a dramatic ending to a veteran space probe, new missions launched, an orbital cliff hanger, and a free space spectacle for if you happen to be in the US in August.   Read more
Here's a look at the key events to shape the year in climate science, and what that might mean as we sweat into 2017 and beyond. ​   Read more
Blink’s security system is a sleek, basic camera that can stream a live video feed of your home to your smartphone, and now the company is expanding its offerings with an outdoor version of the camera, as well as a range of other sensors and add-ons.   Read more
LG is trotting out a technology​ for its new line of Super UHD TVs. Dubbed Nano Cells, the company claims this variation on quantum dot displays can create better color accuracy and widen the range of angles that viewers can watch from.   Read more
It's been a busy year in space with new Mars missions launched, a NASA probe saying hello to Jupiter, and humanity's most ambitious comet exploration mission drawing to a close.   Read more
​Samsung has unveiled a new washer-dryer combo that should help laundry day pass more quickly. Along with the main front-loading compartments for washing and drying, the FlexWash + FlexDry boasts smaller separate compartments on top, for washing small loads and drying your delicates simultaneously.   Read more
​After four months of intensive investigation, SpaceX says that its Falcon 9 booster has been cleared for flight and will return to service on January 8.   Read more
2016 was not a banner year for Apple. It rolled out a series of underwhelming products and faced lawsuits, increasingly impressive competition and wavering sales. After such a weak year, what steps should Apple take to reclaim its reputation and revenue in 2017?   Read more
If recent geopolitical events have you wanting to run for the hills, or you'd simply like to escape from the trappings of civilization, Utah's Cliff Haven looks an ideal place to escape from it all. The self-sufficient off-grid home is currently up for sale in a closed auction.   Read more
We know that human beings will be going to Mars eventually but where are we going to live once we get there? The latest design concept unveiled by NASA researchers uses ice to bring the igloo into the space age.​​   Read more
2017 is set to be a stellar year for games. Long-awaited games like The Legend of Zelda and Prey will launch, Crash Bandicoot is back and we return to some of the biggest blockbusters ever, like Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us. We round up our most anticipated games for the coming year.   Read more
Less than 100 Crocker v-twins were ever made with only the first 23 units having hemispherical heads. The bike being offered by Bonhams in Las Vegas on 26 January is one of just seven "hemi head" Crockers known to have survived and the earliest example ever offered at public auction.  Read more
​Which of 2016’s mobile technology innovations have the most staying power? Let’s cut through short-lived fads and gimmicks and identify which of the past year's mobile trends have long-term implications for the way we engage with our devices every day.   Read more
​​Researchers are developing a system to predict the path and intensity of hurricanes by harvesting data from inside the storm itself.   Read more
Having studied the brushstrokes in thousands of paintings from famous artists, researchers say that certain variations in the works over the artists' careers can point to an ongoing decline in cognitive function. ​  Read more
While not quite as significant as the one-time accidental discovery of penicillin, 2016 did have its share of chance findings in the scientific community. Here we take a look at five of them.​   Read more
Childhood asthma is the leading cause for children's emergency room visits, hospital stays, and missed school days. Fortunately, however, new research indicates that by taking omega-3 supplements during pregnancy, mothers may be able to keep their kids from developing it in the first place.  Read more
Costing less than the average monthly cellphone bill, the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker lets users get their eyes checked as often as they want, without leaving the house.   Read more
2016 is over and disappearing quickly into the rear view mirror, while 2017 is upon us – another 12 months sure to be packed with one smartphone launch after another. Here's what's coming between now and next December, and why it matters.   Read more
Ahmad Tabbouch, owner of Sydney, Australia's UltraKeet electronics project portal, recently bought a couple of Dual-Arc electronic lighters online with the intention of gifting them, but first modified them to play a catchy little tune from the arcs themselves.  Read more
Taking center stage on Infiniti's stand in Detroit will be the QX50 Concept​ SUV​, an evolution of the 2016 QX Sport Inspiration​ that puts the spotlight on the company's new autonomous driving tech and Variable Compression Turbo​ engine.  Read more
Looking to update your laptop, finally get that 4K TV or just treat yourself to a sneaky 2017 toy? We have collected all the best new year deals for you including a pretty solid discount on an Alienware laptop and some hefty deals on Samsung UHD TVs.   Read more
Ethical hacking is an ever-changing business, and if you want to make it in this lucrative career, you need to be up on the most recent tools and certifications. This exclusive bundle teaches foundational and advanced principles for securing IT networks, identifying and managing security risks, and plugging holes in IT networks before black hat hackers find them. More importantly, however, it contains all the information you need to pass the CompTIA Security+, CCNA Security, and CEHv9 Ethical Hacker certification exams for 2017. Whether you're looking to start a new career in ethical hacking, or you want to freshen your skills, this course has something for everyone.   Read more