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Thursday, January 5, 2017

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LODD: SC probationary female firefighter dies in crash
Over 100 injured in NYC commuter train crash
Va. town's first paid firefighter dies
Calif. firefighters respond to blaze at own station: Police found that there were multiple attempts to break into the station
Ohio Gov. signs firefighter cancer bill: Although there are limitations to the law, it offers coverage to those who are diagnosed with cancer due to their profession
NY firefighter remembered for passion to serve: Over 30 firefighters and 20 police officers waited in the hospital Monday night while William O'Leary was undergoing care
LODD: Indian firefighter killed after animal rescue
3 firefighters escape blaze at Mass. fire station
NC volunteer firefighters face array of obstacles
Canadian firefighter injured after falling from ladder
Tenn. town to restore historic rig
Manatee firefighters rescued released into the wild
Mystery Solved: How 3D Laser Tech Cracked The 36 Pit Fire
Using this new technology, fire investigators were able to quickly and efficiently map the scene of the fire.
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Firefighter hiring grant changes for 2016
By Jerry Brant, FR1 Columnist
SAFER grant use and cost sharing requirements are tighter in the coming cycle; here's what you need to know before you apply.
What to know 
Were responders negligent in care of hypothermic teen?
By David Givot, FR1 Contributor
Cases like this are tragic beyond words and must likewise be a constant reminder of the immeasurable responsibility EMS providers accept.
Making the right call 
Disarming a concealed carry patient
If encountering a patient with a firearm, Kip Tietsort explains the actions EMS providers can take, which range from leaving the gun where it is, to removing it yourself. 
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Safe law enforcement operations on the fireground
Basics of drafting
506LODD: SC probationary female firefighter dies in crash
472Volunteer departments: Getting rigs on scene
1303 firefighters escape blaze at Mass. fire station
115How to choose the best type of fire extinguisher
102Firefighter extinguishes fire at NY firehouse
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