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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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A nursing home in the west of Poland is currently being investigated by local prosecutors after a bout of food poisoning which has allegedly left two people dead.
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Three people were take to hospital and two people have died
© © Maksymilian Rigamonti/Repor
Three people were take to hospital and two people have died

Heroes (and villains) in hospital
Two major players from the Communist period were admitted to hospital this week, both of which made headlines in the Polish press for different reasons.
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Young lad saves mum’s life
An eight-year-old boy from the west of Poland has been praised by both local authorities and the media this week after acting quickly and saving his mother’s life.
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More protection for Poland
President Bronislaw Komorowski spoke this week about improving the country’s defense system stating that it was one of Poland’s main priorities.
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Shamed trio speak out over scandal
Former Law and Justice (PiS) members Adam Hofman, Mariusz A. Kaminski and Adam Rogacki made official defence statements this week regarding the recent travel expenses scandal which led to them being kicked out of the party.
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