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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Canadian Mass Murder- BBC

Canada Edmonton: Eight killed in 'senseless mass murder'

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Seven adults and two children have been found dead in the Canadian city of Edmonton after what police called a "senseless mass murder".
One of the dead is believed to have killed himself. Police are not looking for any other suspects and are treating the deaths as domestic violence. 
The incident unfolded in three different locations in Edmonton, in the western province of Alberta. 
Seven bodies were found in the same house, police chief Rod Knecht said. 
He said it was the worst mass killing in Edmonton since six people were killed in 1956.
"Our thoughts go out to the community as we all come to terms with the senseless mass murder of eight people," he told a press conference. 
'Depressed man'
Police discovered the body of a woman at a house in south Edmonton at 18:00 local time on Monday (01:00 GMT Tuesday), he said.
Edmonton police chief Rod Knecht arrives to speak to the press in Edmonton, Alberta - 30 December 2014Edmonton police chief Rod Knecht said it was a "tragic day" for the city
They later responded to reports of a despondent and depressed man at an address in north Edmonton at around 20:30 but were unable to find him.
But when they returned at about midnight after receiving new information they found seven bodies - three women, two men and two children. 
In the early hours of Tuesday morning, they found a body matching the description of the suicidal male at a restaurant 25 miles (40km) north-east of Edmonton. 
"These events were not gang-related," Mr Knecht told reporters, "but instances of domestic violence."
He said police would not be releasing the names of the victims or the killer yet.
Map of Canada showing the city of Edmonton in Alberta - 30 December 2014

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