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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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8/29/2014: Philip Berger visits CHGO DSGN at the Chicago Cultural Center.
courtesy chicago cultural center
8/29/2014: LACMA changes development plans, neighborhood braces for impact.
Courtesy Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner
8/28/2014: After 11 years, North Beach opens new facility.
Bruce Damonte
8/28/2014: Chicago wins George Lucas museum, but site is disputed.
Courtesy City of Chicago
8/27/2014: Accelerating particles and business development at an Illinois national lab.
Kate Joyce
8/27/2014: Los Angeles' METRO approves first stage of rail link to LAX.
Courtesy METRO
8/27/2014: University of Arkansas addition celebrates the future with a contemporary rewrite of Neoclassicism.
Timothy Hursley

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