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Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Vehicle Fires – Are We Doing It Right?

Vehicle Fire Featured
Car fires are a routine thing for us in the Fire Service. It can almost be said that it’s one of the most basic things we do. But the question is… Are we doing it right? Most of us would answer yes. But I’d like you to hold on to that answer until after you read this.
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Firefighter Survival – Are We Prepared?

Firefighter Survival Featured
As firefighters, we are asked to do put ourselves in harm’s way repeatedly. We do it with the altruistic desire to help out fellow humans. We train do go in and extinguish the fire. We learn tactics and strategies on how to attack the fire. We read about VEIS, and forcible entry. But what happens when we find ourselves in the structure and things go wrong? Who saves us? Do you rely on only the RIT team or do you attempt to find a way out?
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Box 1075 Customs Joins LHM For Helmet Care Tips

Box 1075 Customs Joins LHM
With the growing amount of fire helmet customization going on these days, there is a lot to look for from the businesses out there doing this work. For example, make sure you choose the best company. Check out their ratings and reviews. Ask around groups that have used these companies. Just because they are the cheapest in price, doesn't mean it's the best workmanship. Look and see how many jobs were completed by these companies. If there are only 1 or 2 pics of completed restoration helmet jobs, it might not be a good choice to be using them. Remember fans, fire helmet customization is all bout showing off your lid and having pride in it. When customers use or choose your business, they are trusting you with your workmanship. Send these customers back a piece of art that is worth paying for and better yet, worth showing off. Show pride in your work.
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Young Leaders in Today’s Fire Service

Young Leaders in The Fire Service Featured
This article was intended to be “Young Officers in Today’s Fire Service”, but in writing it I have come to realize that it should not matter if you are an officer, you can still lead. A leader can be anyone from the oldest Chief to the youngest junior member. I want to focus on the young leaders in today’s fire service. It seems young leaders are becoming more common, and the disdain is growing. I am also witnessing these young “leaders” act like more of a boss, which is not how it should be.
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Training Our Fire Service Minds

Training Our FIre Service Minds Featured
It’s your first day at the training grounds. Your instructors seem to be well seasoned and know the subject matter well. You eagerly learn all you can about the drill at hand and can’t wait to put the information learned to good use. It’s your turn to enter the structure and search for victims. While in the structure, you recall the skills learned and practiced and start to put them into effect. But suddenly you look back and your partner is not there. Your mind starts racing… What could have happened to them? They were just there! You turn around and head back in the direction you came from with a sense of urgency. Your heart is beating faster and your breathing has increased. As you come around the corner, you find your partner entangled in some debris and they are panicking also. You quickly try to help them get disentangled so you can continue your search. You both work tirelessly to free him. Once you have freed him you realize you are almost out of air, but have no idea where you are in the structure. Should I try to go back? Should I quickly move forward? What should I do?
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