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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Thoughts on Crisis Comms Leadership

Posted on It's Not My Emergency   6 hours ago
Preaching about the use of social media tools during crisis is much easier than actually doing it. Especially for smaller agencies with limited staff. But, does that mean it can’t be done? Absolutely not. Because of the recent Ferguson, Missouri ...
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Kingsport Firefighters Assist in Extinguishing Mulch Fire

Kingsport Fire crews worked on-scene utilizing Ladder 1.
Posted on Model City Firefighter   16 hours ago
On August 28th, firefighters in Kingsport, TN responded to a reported fire in a conveyor system at a business in the downtown area. Prior to arrival, an employee had discharged an extinguisher on the smoldering fire. Once crews arrived, they immediately begin investigating to ensure the fire was extinguished. Ladder 1's aerial device was utilized in accessing the source. Firefighters used additional extinguishers on the smoldering mulch. Crews remained on-scene and worked with employees to locate the source of the fire.
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Pennsylvania Chief Accepts Plea Deal For Theft

Posted on Fire Law Blog   21 hours ago
Embattled Wilkes-Barre Township Fire Chief John Yuknavich, facing both state and federal charges that he stole funds from his fire department, has agreed to plead guilty to the federal charges and resign as fire chief. Yuknavich has reportedly also agreed to reimburse the fire company for $45,000, the amount he is believed to have taken.
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Retaliation Over the Formation of a Union

Posted on Fire Law Blog   2 days ago
Today’s burning question: I work part-time for a small fire department in a state that recognizes collective bargaining for firefighters. We are in the process of filing a petition with state labor relations board to become recognized by the township for collective bargaining purposes. We have enough members to form the union and we have all signed the union election petition. Rumor has it that the trustees have found out and plan to terminate our internet/WiFi access, stop letting us wash our cars at the station, put renovations of the fire station on hold, and even cancel the purchase of a new engine.
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Helmet Cam: Short Video of Roof Vent Via Aerial Platform

roof vent
Posted on Fire Critic   2 days ago
Short clip from my helmet cam at a working dwelling fire in the city this morning. This was right after I got done making my cut and we were clearing it before moving towards the charlie side to make my next cut. I will post the rest of the video after the investigation is done and I get the ok to.
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Video: Commercial Fire in Erie County, NY

Posted on Fire Critic   2 days ago
Police were on location reporting an unknown type fire in warehouse Blasdell 9 went on location reporting possible rubbish in the complex. Blasdell 9 further reported a 150x100 warehouse fully involved through the roof with an exposure problem of a 400 x 400 warehouse and requested Tankers to the scene.
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A Dose of Motivation For Firefighters

Posted on Fire Critic   2 days ago
Motivational video depicting the life of a pontiac firefighter. Its not about the money, its the love of the job and the brotherhood. We leave our family in the morning only to pray we can return to them 24 hours later!
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Fire Porn and Fire Service Public Image

Little kid FPW DressUp
Posted on Fire & EMS Leader Pro   3 days ago
Picture if you will the L. A. Police Department posting images and videos of the Rodney King incident. Or maybe imagine FEMA sporting "EMA porn" taken during Katrina in New Orleans on their website. Now imagine the public outcry that would occur if say LAPD made a music video out of the Rodney King beating with the soundtrack of Pat Benatar singing Hit me with your best shot or FEMA posting a video of the Katrina disaster images to the soundtrack of Scorpions singing Rock you like a hurricane.Two very extreme examples I admit, but just as questionable. In both cases, someone would end up with an express ticket to the unemployment line.
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