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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People after the NYC tremor

Did not get out with camera until some time after tremor here....people who were out awhile after it told me all these people had evacuated from high rises on 34th Street...

Saw more people holding hands than usual. And small groups of what seemed like tourists texting away....

Just heard snippets of conversation....outside one building on 34th Street, some people were still staying out of the building and smoking etc.

According to radio news, some people felt the tremor much more than others. People in upper floors of office buildings felt the most, it seems.

A lot of people said their first sensation was that they were experiencing man though another was shaking his desk...only in a few places in the NY area did people get a real jolt it seems.

The Lincoln and Holland tunnels were closed for about 20 minutes after the tremor...causing big traffic jams of course. Trains out of NYC are running at slow speeds which means commuting home will be a long ride for a lot of people...think some were leaving early this afternoon just on general principles.