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Friday, August 12, 2011

Flea Market for Actors

Never knew there was an Episcopal Actors Guild...

Let me check their website...well, I can't cut and paste it for reason but you can check it out at:


“The Stage has, beyond any other profession, been ever the handmaiden of charity. Does disaster occur, has a suffering to be healed, has a charity to be lifted up, the eye of the supplicant first looks to the stage, and never looks there in vain.”

This wonderful observation on the generosity of people of the ken from an 1871 New York City newspaper in our Guild Archives, most certainly applies to the members of today’s ecumenical and inter-denominational Episcopal Actors’ Guild. The Guild was founded in 1923 and incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit in 1926. It is a charitable fellowship organization governed by its Constitution and By-Laws, and is the result of the youthful idealism of several extraordinary individuals.
It is the only surviving offspring of the Actors Church Alliance (1899-1923), an ecumenical organization founded by a young actor, Walter Bentley, who gave up his career to become a priest. In 1923, its members and officers then founded the Episcopal Actors’ Guild, encouraged by Father Bentley and welcomed to its permanent headquarters by The Rev. Randolph Ray, the newly-seated Rector of the “Little Church Around the Corner.” Father Ray, a cousin to Tallulah
ould like to tell you about our Guild’s