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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Astro Gems and Minerals

I always like to see if they make any changes in the windows of Astro Gems and Minerals on East 34th Street....

A little bit more about Astro from their Website:

About Astro Gallery of Gems
Astro Gallery of GemsConsidered the world's most established gem and mineral gallery, Astro Gallery of Gems is located in the heart of New York City across from The Empire State Building. Our 10,000 Square Foot showroom has thousands of minerals, gems, fossils and pieces of rare and unusual jewelry on display.

We carry specimens suitable for the novice as well as the most advanced collector. We have everything from tumbled stones to 2000lb amethyst geodes.
Astro Gallery Featured in Robb Report
Crystalized Gold, Eagle's Nest, California
Earth’s jewels from Astro Gallery of Gems.
By Erika Heet
Robb Report
March 2009 Issue
Occasionally, gem expert Dennis Tanjeloff allows potential buyers to view treasures from his private collection, such as a piece of crystalized gold (above, $120,000), found at California’s Eagle’s Nest, that he says is “the size of a man’s hand,” and garnets on albite (below, $65,000) discovered in Pakistan.
 “Mother Nature always surprises me with something unexpected,” says Tanjeloff, the third-generation proprietor of New York’s 10,000-square-foot Astro Gallery of Gems ( ), which was founded by his grandfather, Julio, in 1961. At age four, Tanjeloff began traveling the world with his grandfather in search of the rarest and most valuable gems. “Europe, China, Russia, Burma, South America – he brought me everywhere and taught me everything,” Tanjeloff says. Over the years, he has witnessed varying undulations in the market. The mantra that my fellow gem collectors and I have been repeating these days is ‘rocks better than stocks’ – people want tangible assets now.”