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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is this courtyard dangerous in a hurricane?

My neighbor asked me to take this photo of the rear courtyard of our building.

He is upset because he thinks that the unsecured objects will get tossed around all over the place and maybe into the building ( or through someone's window) when those 95 mph wind gust arrive here tomorrow morning early.

He is also talking about tornadoes and all sorts of havoc...

He may be right but I hope he is not. The management did take the bigger lawn furniture out of the rear yard but the potted shrubs and trees will probably get knocked over, that seems like a fairly safe bet. Or is it?

That is the thing: no one has experienced a storm like this since 1944 it seems ( before I was born, that shows you how long ago that  is!)-- and while hurricanes have brushed past the city since then, this is an unusually large one with a huge windfield --what is it, 300 miles wide?-- and a lot depends where you are in relation to the eye of the storm.

The flooding from the storm surge may do more damage than anyone now really believes...again, let us hope not.