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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Water Tunnel Project- 2009

Obligatory sign on Second Avenue proclaims names of politicos and functionaries...meanwhile,Hundreds of feet below this construction site, "sandhogs" and heavy equipment continue to work on extending NYC's underground water tunnel system... a vast, long-range and multi-billion dollar project.

To a huge extent, civilization depends on reliable sources of clean water. New York started its big reservoir system in the middle of the 1800's and has been working on it ever since...

The site shown here has been in progress off Second Avenue for over four years now, and who knows when it will ever be completed. In the beginning stages, blasting work was done deep down and occasionally made this whole neighborhood tremble slightly like little earthquakes...

In opposition to the "New York Minute," this project falls more under the heading of " In a New York Decade or so," just like work on the Second Avenue subway much further uptown. Who knows when that will ever be completed... I really don't expect to live to see it finished, but I probably will.

An occasional report appears in the newspapers about the progress on the water tunnel's odd to watch the seasons come and go and this local construction site being worked on sporadically and somewhat mysteriously.