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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earth Day 2009- "The Green Generation" project

Jumping the Gun a Little, (the posts I have just done on the water system and the Green Condominium have set me off)-- I remember that the 39th Earth Day is coming soon...

I remember the first Earth Day very well-- was a graduate film student and had just written ( and seen made) a one minute movie about the environment called "Consumption."

My focus in that script had three main targets: air pollution, cigarette smoking and the advertising that encouraged consumption of energy and tobacco without thinking of the consequences...

The "kids" who made the film did a fine job, and it finished with a great shot of an ash tray full of cigarette butts being flushed down a toilet... little did I realize at the time what a struggle I was going to have with smoking during my life, or that the environmental movement would every obtain such, when island countries in the Pacific are already being swallowed by the rising sea waters ( with much more to come).

"The Green Generation" project will be a two-year program to make people conscious of the need for clean energy and conserving resources... seeing how long we've been aware of the problem and how little has been done, it makes me worry just how bad the situation will eventually get. We can only hope...and let our voices be heard as much as possible.

More on this topic when April 22 comes this year.