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Thursday, April 16, 2009

End of Winter-- and Notes on Being Smokeless

Taken some time ago, this photo of a young woman feeding gulls on the East River esplanade near Carl Schurz Park represents one last look backward at winter...

Knowing NYC springs, there are still some chilly and rainy days ahead, but it IS finally spring here...thought for a while it would never happen.

It's about 45 days now that I have been smokeless, and this latest attempt to quit cigarettes for good looks like it's going to work...

Really like my support group ( part of Nicotine Anonymous). Recent comment by someone else hit a chord, though, --they said, " sometimes I wish it were years ago and I could just go into a bar and get a drink and light up a cigarette and relax." 

Another comment -- as we were propagandized to think of smoking as being "cool"--was that of a harried woman who said, " I can't do everything I want to do...keep having this idea if I were just a "cooler" person I'd be able to do it all.." get the feeling most New Yorkers never feel like they can get enough done...

Anyway, beginning to enjoy benefits of not smoking...mostly much better circulation and great improvement in complexion. 

Don't want to say too much about this topic though, as I think somehow accounts of people's struggles to quit smoking can be boring for people who don't smoke ( particularly those who never did).