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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conservatory Gardens, Harlem Meer

Three Dancing Maidens Fountain was made in Germany in 1910, by a sculptor named Walter Schott...part of the Samuel Untermyer Estate, "Greystone" in Yonkers, NY that found its way into nothern third of Conservatory Gardens  in 1947...

Gardens themselves were built in 1930's by WPA workers, a six acre patch in three segments that is the only formal garden in Central Park, at 105th Street and Fifth Avenue.

This is off the beaten path for me now--used to go there a lot when I lived on 96th Street, often with Art Group. Used to have many photos most of which I lost as part of decluttering when I moved to Midtown --- I love the area and just felt like going there today...once secluded, Gardens have become very popular... main section is used a lot for wedding party gatherings ( saw a Scottish wedding group there once, groom in a kilt...reminded me of my sister's wedding) and Southern portion has "Hidden Lily Pond" that looks like a Monet painting in summer...

Really too early in the year for this place, but what the heck, I felt like it. I will be back in a couple of months for sure, and will get pix of Gardens when they are in full bloom. Even now I find them great.

Harlem Meer is 11 acre lake at northeast corner of Park, full of ducks and geese in the summer and also with freshwater fishing. At gate near entrance, saw tour group of about 60 senior citizens shuffling in...forget about this area of the Park being secluded any more.

Again, I will be back when ducks and geese are around and as a nice escape on a hot summer day.