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Friday, July 31, 2015

Gizmag Emerging Tech

New map reveals a third of the stars in the Milky Way have dramatically changed orbit
In creating a new map of the Milky Way as part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), a international group of scientists recently discovered that around 30 percent of the stars in our galaxy have moved into a totally new orbit from where they began life.  read more
Review: A critical look at DJI's Phantom 3 Professional
DJI's flagship prosumer camera drone is an amazing piece of aerial camera gear. But is it perfect? No - and not by a long way. There's some pretty clear areas for improvement, even if the Phantom 3 Professional is still miles ahead of the competition.  read more
Victory introduces its first road-legal electric motorcycle, the Empulse TT
Victory Motorcycles has turned a new page by unveiling its first fully electric motorcycle. The 2016 Empulse TT is a road-legal electric streetbike based on Brammo's Empulse R, after the Oregon, US company was acquired by Polaris Industries.    read more
Nokia brings its ball to the burgeoning virtual reality party
For any of the VR headsets coming to market to succeed, there needs to be VR content to immerse ourselves in. Nokia is hoping to fill this burgeoning need with Ozo, the world's first commercially available VR camera aimed at content creation professionals.   read more
Earth's magnetic field may be more than 750 million years older than previously thought
As our only defense against harmful solar winds, the Earth's magnetic field is crucial to life on the planet. And now a new analysis of ancient zircon minerals in Western Australia suggests that the field originated at least 4.2 billion years ago – much earlier than previously thought.  read more
Facebook takes aim at expanding internet access using laser-equipped drones
In its quest to connect all corners of the globe, Facebook has completed the first full-scale model of its internet-broadcasting drone. Dubbed Aquila, the solar-powered aircraft is made to fly for months at a time and has a wingspan equal to that of a Boeing 737, yet weighs less than a car.  read more
Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation gets paralyzed legs moving voluntarily again
Five men with complete motor paralysis regained the ability to move their legs voluntarily after being treated with a non-invasive form of spinal cord stimulation called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which involves strategically placing electrodes on the skin of the lower back.  read more
Moto X Style (Pure Edition) vs. iPhone 6 Plus
Motorola's flagship phone has gotten bigger every year – to the point where this year's Moto X Style (or "Pure Edition" in the U.S.) is more a rival to the iPhone 6 Plus than to the smaller iPhone 6. Let's break down how the two phablets compare.  read more
Slaughterhouse waste could be made into yarn
A new process can convert animal waste byproducts into a wool-like yarn. It's said to offer insulation similar to that of Merino wool.   read more
Study successfully uses drones to transport blood samples
Scientists are looking at using drones to deliver remotely-located patients’ blood samples to labs in larger centers. According to a proof-of-concept study, the little unmanned aircraft should be able to do the job just fine.  read more
CydeKick Pro promises to take the drag out of bike generators
Miami-based startup Spinetics says its new CydeKick Pro generator can turn your pedal power into the phone-charging and headlight lighting kind without adding any (significant) friction.  read more
Intel and Micron announce memory breakthrough
Intel Corporation and Micron Technology's new 3D XPoint (3D Crosspoint) technology is described as a "major breakthrough in memory process technology," that is 1,000 times faster than NAND flash memory. read more
Tesco's self-service checkouts are getting friendlier
UK supermarket Tesco says it will update the voice and phrases of its self-service checkouts. This, in itself, is nothing notable, but the reasoning behind it tilts at a broader issue: how we expect computers and robots to address us. Tesco's opinion? We don't want them bossing us around.  read more
"Death Star" laser sets new world record in Japan
Laser engineers in Japan claim to have set a new record for firing the world's most powerful laser, with a peak power equal to a thousand times total world energy consumption. It conjures images of a real-life "Death Star" laser, but could actually help unlock the mysteries of the universe.  read more
Novel pyramid-shaped high-rise slated for Jerusalem
Architecture firm Studio Libeskind has been granted permission to build a large pyramid-shaped tower in the center of Jerusalem. The 105 m (344 ft)-tall tower is due to break ground within five years.  read more
Audi to turn on OLED taillights at the Frankfurt Motor Show 
After mastering LED technology, BMW and Audi raced last year to release the world's first production car with laser lighting, and now they're set to battle it out in OLEDs. Audi will launch the latest offensive in September, when it reveals its first OLED Matrix-equipped concept car.  read more
Obama wants the US to be at the forefront of supercomputer technology
President Obama has signed an Executive Order calling for the US to significantly up its game in the supercomputer space. The effort, known as the National Strategic Computer Initiative (NSCI), will aim to build the world's fastest supercomputer by 2025.  read more
The Crash Sack sleeping (and waking) bag 
It's early, you're tired, the camp fire is cold, and dragging yourself out of your sleeping bag isn't an attractive proposition. The Evrgrn Crash Sack can be worn as a cozy puffer jacket ... so you don't have to.  read more
Apple Campus 2 to feature glass-walled visitor's center
New architectural plans reveal that Apple's new HQ will feature a visitor's center with viewing platform open to the general public.  read more
Covair swaps watch faces and straps in no time
For those that like to mix and match their jewelry to match their outfits, Covair is looking to make what it calls classic timepieces with interchangeable components. This means you can swap the face or strap out for another whenever and wherever style dictates or the mood strikes you.   read more
New compounds block absorption of fat in foods
For people with a serious obesity problem, dieting and exercising may not be enough on their own. That's why scientists from the University of Kansas are developing compounds that keep the fat in foods from being absorbed by the body.  read more
Lockheed tests Orion fairing design changes
Lockheed Martin announced that it's completed tests of design changes for NASA's Orion spacecraft’s fairing separation system. Based on data from last year's unmanned maiden flight, the alterations are meant to improve performance while reducing weight. read more
The Linux User's Toolkit for Discovering New Apps
With a few exceptions, installing a Linux distribution is like checking into an all-inclusive resort. Your hardware works out-of-the-box, and you get an impressive selection of pre-installed software: from photo editing tools and multimedia players to email and chat clients, and even a full-blown office suite.  read more