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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Verizon-- Worst Customer Service in the World

Latest update on being spited by Verizon Customer Service and their repair department--(Oh, just to recap a little, wires were drenched in thunderstorm last July and all landlines in here that use Verizon were out for about two weeks...phones in the building office here had Time Warner so it was easy to call from there..)

I give up from time to time because they say and do the same thing every time.

First I get a machine which does not want to let me talk to a human being.

Then I get a human being who does not listen to just about anything I say.

This is all about their unbelievably tacky outdoor repair at back of courtyard which they have said ten times they will fix up.

Each time they either send a repairman to my apartment (who of course is clueless about it being an outdoor repair)..

Or crew is promised but then calls me on day of appointment in morning usually and says sorry they will be back next day ( next Monday, whatever) --they never come at all of course.

Last repir guy demanded -- I mean demanded--the cell phone number of the Super in this building. Have to remind you this is New York City and supers do not give out their cell numbers to tenants and  this guy had IQ of about 3 he or he would know that. Sure he does know that, is as usual looking for any kind of excuse to get out of doing his job.

Last week I was promised their crew would come ....( told to call manager in office here if there was a problem) of course called me in the a.m. and said it was going to snow and they would be here Monday.
Of course they never came.

Figuring I would let someone else worry about this for a while and not me,  (other people in building call from time to time too)--I let them schedule a repair crew for Friday. Woman on phone promised they would be here between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. when super was sure to be here.

Repair is done from garbage bags and tape furnished by super last July of course. (Friend of mine who knows about that kind of plastic that it even sunlight degrades it over time).

Have had bad sound on phone after heavy rain and also sometimes weird echoes but they go away as those lines outside dry out or unfreeze or whatever.

 Wonder what their excuse will be this time..they may show up and say they see what has to be done and will come back (which they will then never do).

By the way, Verizon keeps terrible records on all these visits and every time you call them you have to start from scratch because operator you get cannot access any past history except some note from last August saying problem had been taken care of!!

Way to go, Verizon! Now, would you ever buy anything at one of their wireless stores?