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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Diagonal Parking in Manhattan Street

It is so rare that you see any diagonal parking in New York City, much less Manhattan ( if my memory serves me right, I did see some years and years ago way up in Northern Manhattan near Inwood but my memory might be playing tricks on me...

This street in the East 20's caught my eye right away. I wonder why it is the exception to the rule...of course, it provides more parking for residents, but I  wonder if it also does not have something to do with its being not-that-far from Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town ( which of course started off as middle income housing and are now upper middle, with the kinds of people who can easily afford an automobile in Manhattan)...

I guess I could go down in the area again ( right now it is a little too cold for me to be out doing much would not be impossible, just uncomfortable--I mean, if there were snow out there, which is becoming rarer and rarer in NYC in the winter, I would be out there all right--)

Find out from locals what the deal is with the parking...but for the moment it will have to remain one of our little local mysteries.