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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Verizon- Nasty as well as Incompetent

Latest chapter in trying to get the outside wiring fixed  decently( which of course has been going on since last July)--

They sent out an outdoor repairman who ( in direct contradiction to agreement with Verizon) called me instead of building management and said in a very surly manner that " I don't do no outdoor boxes."

Verizon woman was equally nasty and told me landlord would have to pay special amount for a better repair job than this."You wouldn't want to pay it yourself , that's for sure," she snapped at me.

Landlord's rep who is supposed to be handling this is currently unavailable but have spoken to him about it and who knows what will happen. So--maybe nothing.

My opinion of Verizon, of course, has hit a new low, which I would not have thought possible considered how little I thought of them before this latest development.