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Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The Green Lantern" is LOUD

Today I watched the first 45 minutes of "The Green Lantern."

It was so over air-conditioned in theatre and the sound was played so damn loud (and there are non -stop explosions and special effects mayhem...BANG CRASH ZOWIE).

To be fair to this movie, ( though I cringe at what the 3D version must be like) it is an animated comic book--and aimed at kids...I knew that before I saw it but hoped it would at least be well paced and have some clever lines or something.

Kids will probably like it....adults will find it very shallow and too full of unpleasant jolts. But if the idea is just to take the kids to a PG rated action movie,
I guess that's not so bad ( there was a row of kids with women tending to them
several rows in front of me and they were all happily munching on popcorn.)

This makes me envious because I can't eat popcorn anymore...the shape my teeth are in ( I have dry mouth because of meds I am taking) I would crack or break a tooth if I hit a hard kernel,

In fact, I know a man in his 30' s who does not have any particular tooth problems who recently broke a tooth while eating popcorn.

Other than that, there was a very bright note: when the cashier saw me leaving early --she offered me a free pass with no real expiration I can go back again and see something more adult.

Furthermore, I would like to stress violence per se is not a problem for me with this is not grisly (at least not what I saw) like some Chainsaw Massacre or something..

Bet the kids who were watching it in front of me play video games that are just as violent.

Another example: "Sherlock Holmes" ( if you remember it...too bad if you never saw it) had all kinds of action scenes, including a grotesque slow motion boxing match and I enjoyed it very much.