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Monday, September 29, 2014

News of Australia- ABC

  • Anti-terror raids
    • AFP says raids were prompted by information provided by US FBI

Live: Counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne

More than 100 officers from the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police have carried out counter-terrorism raids across five suburbs in Melbourne.
The AFP said it conducted seven search warrants in Seabrook, Kealba, Meadow Heights, Broadmeadows and Flemington.
The warrants were the culmination of an eight-month investigation which began following information provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
One man was arrested and will be charged with intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organisation.
Follow all the latest developments in our live blog.
  1. Man faces funding charge after Melbourne anti-terror raids
  1. What next for the Anzac Girls?

    What happened to these nurses when peace eventually returned and they were once more back home?
  1. Housing debt keeps climbing

    New Reserve Bank data show that housing lending keeps growing apace, with investors continuing to lead.
  2. RBA's please explain

    The Reserve Bank has been given a 'please explain' by the Senate about potential investor home loan limits.
  3. Getting around the rules

    Leading Liberal MP Kelly O'Dwyer discusses what can be done to prevent the property bubble bursting. 
  4. Fears of 'Tiananmen moment'

    The protests in Hong Kong rattle financial markets with fears of a modern Tiananmen Square moment.
  5. 'Jobs to go' at mine

    Hundreds of jobs will be lost when a Bowen Basin coal mine closes, the Queensland Resources Council says.
  1. Marcos paintings seized

    Philippines anti-corruption court orders family of late dictator to surrender famous paintings.
  2. Japanese PMs' nuclear stance

    Two former Japanese PMs become anti-nuclear campaigners in the wake of the Fukushima crisis.
  3. Hong Kong protesters defiant

    Tens of thousands of democracy protesters in Hong Kong continue to defy Beijing.
  4. Montara spill dispute rages on

    Indonesia formally requests Australia's cooperation in resolving a dispute over the 2009 Montara oil spill.
  5. Afghan president sworn in

    New president Ashraf Ghani calls on the Taliban to rejoin peace talks, saying the country is tired of war.
  1. Joint Dally M winner Thurston says he has three years left in NRL

    Joint Dally M Medal winner Johnathan Thurston is confident he can win a title with the Cowboys in his last three years in the NRL.
  2. Souths' Isaac Luke awaits grand final fate

    South Sydney's Isaac Luke will find out tonight if he can play in the grand final when he faces the NRL judiciary.
  1. Star arrival

    Melbourne City's Spanish star recruit David Villa will arrive in Australia in time for next Tuesday's A-League launch.
  2. Easing back in

    Sonny Bill Williams will make his return to New Zealand rugby union next week with provincial team Counties Manukau.
  3. Magpies lose

    A Peter Crouch goal has given Stoke City a 1-0 win over Premier League strugglers Newcastle United.
  4. Taylor a Tiger

    Newly appointed Wests Tigers coach Jason Taylor admits he had lost the passion for coaching when sacked five years ago.
  1. Corporate tax avoidance

    A third of Australia's major companies are paying 10 per cent or less in tax, a fraction of the official rate.
  2. Cancer stem-cell breakthrough

    Professor Graham Kelly became his own guinea pig for a drug that kills cancer stem cells.
  3. Parkour playground

    Parkour enthusiasts in Brisbane now have a specially built park to train in their heart-stopping sport.
  1. Cambodia refugee deal 'disgraceful'

    Cambodian refugees living in Australia have major concerns about the Government's move to strike a resettlement deal with the South East Asian country given its human rights record.
  2. Melbourne shooting highlights racial tensions

    The shooting of a young man who stabbed two police officers in Melbourne has increased tensions within the Muslim and broader communities about Australia's treatment of Muslims.
  1. Exercise quest

    The staff of ABC International has found that doing 300 minutes of exercise per week as part of the Exercise Challenge is boosting alertness, improving fitness and helping to maintain positivity.
  1. Asylum seeker backlog

    Track the Coalition's promise to clear the backlog of 30,000 asylum seekers waiting to be processed.
  2. 'Impeccable record'?

    The Prime Minister is exaggerating India's record when it comes to nuclear non-proliferation.
  3. University deregulation

    The Education Minister says that without reform Australian universities will slide into mediocrity.
  4. Constitutional recognition

    The Coalition has broken its promise to publish a draft amendment for constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people within 12 months.
  1. RET talks to begin

    Labor sets out its goals as it begins talks with the Government over the future of the renewable energy target.
  2. Not much lift from falling dollar

    Farmers hoping for a boost to their incomes from a falling Australian dollar may be lucky to break even.
  3. Cottonboll worm on EP

    Farmers on Lower Eyre Peninsula may be forced to use non-traditional sprays to battle a tropical pest.

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